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The following 3 sections (5-7) were taken from the 
renowned book "The Global Islamic Resistance Call" by Abu 
Mus'ab As-Suri. They were translated by two brothers whose 
command of the Arabic and English is not 100%, so if anyone 
notices mistakes in this translation, please post your 
comments on the site where you first found this translation. 

According to Abu Amru Al Qa'idy ,author of the book "A 
Course in the Art of Recruiting" and self-proclaimed student 
of Abu Mus'ab As-Suri, these 3 sections contain essential 
information for the last stage of the recruiting program. 
However, since we could not find these sections translated in 
English, we felt it was necessary to translate them in order 
to facilitate the recruiting program for those who cannot 
read Arabic. 

We request that you make du'a for Abu Mus'ab that Allah, 
Glorified and Exalted is He, accepts his work and that He 
(SWT) gives this mujahid and jihad strategist tremendous 
rewards for it and gives him a speedy release from captivity. 
Lastly, please also make du'a that Allah (SWT) accepts our 
work of translating this book. May Allah allow the Ummah to 
benefit from this book and to wake up to our responsibilities. 

Chapter 8 
Section Five 

The Theory of the Organization and the Operating System for 
the Detachments of The Global Islamic Resistance 

(Detachment: Troops deployed for a specific purpose) 

This theory relies on the basic operating principle and slogan (A 
System of Working and not an Organization for Working) "System 
and not Organization." That is to say, the Islamic resistance 
detachments establish their system of building detachments, like we 
explained in the military theory, on the basis of a system of 
operating and combining efforts of its results, not on the basis of 
the central organization. I will explain more. 

The fundamentals of building a traditional 
resistance organization 

I will briefly mention the basis and principles of building traditional 
resistance organizations which I spoke about in a lecture in 
Peshawar. There are five principles: 

1. The methodology: The Idea and the Dynamic Ideology which all 
members of the organization believe in and agree on. 

2. The leadership: Includes the Emir, the council, and the 
administration - and the way of making decisions. 

3. Planning: Program of strategic work to achieve the objectives. 

4. Financing: These are the financial means which is enough to 
execute the plans. 

5. The Pledge (Al Baya'a): The system of relationship between the 
Emir and the followers (i.e. members of the organization). 

The fundamentals of building the Global Islamic 
Resistance Call and its Jihadi Detachments 

Like it was built in the military theory and like we mentioned before, 
the fundamental building in our dawa depends on: 

1. Belief in the idea of dawa, its basic Jihadi aqeeda, and its legal 
political theory. 

2. Working to achieve its common goal which is to defend (the 
ummah) against the enemy occupation forces and fighting whoever 
helps them. 

3. Implementation of the methodology for complete education of 
the members. 

4. The way of working and moving which includes specific details in 
the theories of military organization, preparation, training, 
financing, and inciting. 

5. The detachments carry a common and mutual name besides 
their particular name. 

6. The covenant with Allah (SWT) to be committed to the 
methodology and work to achieve the goals. 

So if we want to make a comparison between the fundamentals of 
traditional organizations and the fundamentals of the system of the 
Global Islamic Resistance Call, we will find this comparison in the 
following table: 


Components of the 

The System of the 






The Goal 

Overthrowing the 

Resistance in order 


to drive out the 

government and 

enemies and their 

establishing a 


(Islamic) legal 

government in the 

specific country. 

The Methodology 

The ideas and 

The methodology of 

methodology of the 

the Global Islamic 

Jihadi organization. 

Resistance Call 

The Leadership 

The central Emir and 

Common guidance 

the leadership. 

for the global 
detachments. A 
particular Emir for 
the detachment. 


The Organization's 

Resisting the 

Operation program. 

occupation forces 
and striking them in 
every place. 


Donations were the 

Private financing 

source of financing 


for the organization 

contributions) by the 

and for its 

detachment. The 


spoils of war and 


donations are the 

The Pledge and the 

The Central Pledge is 

The Covenant is with 


to the Emir 

Allah (SWT) to 
perform Jihad and 
resistance. The 
(second) covenant is 
to obey the Emir of 
the detachment. 

So the call for resistance is based on non-central cells. And its Jihadi 
detachments are based on individual operation and on the operation 
of small, completely separate non-central cells, so that they will not 
be linked, except by the mutual goal, the common name, the 
methodology of belief, and the way of education. 

Building Cells and Detachments (The system of building and 

When we put the theory of resistance in its final form in the year of 
2000 in Kabul during the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan under the 
rule of Taliban and the first actual experience in Afghanistan, the 
formula of organizational building was ancient. I was forced to make 
an adjustment to this theory because of 11 September and the 
American Campaign (in Afghanistan). I will explain this adjustment 
in detail after the next chapter. 

The Three Organizational Departments of the Global Islamic 
Resistance Detachments 

The First Department: (The Central Detachment) 

The basic mission of this detachment is to guide and to direct (the 
resistance) and to call (for resistance) by publishing the system of 
the call (for resistance) and its political and legal methodology, its 
educational methodology, its dynamic methodology, and to spread 
this to all levels of the Ummah. (The mission) is also to publish 
media statements and declarations of methodology in the name of 
the call and its detachments, provided that the statements include 
the detachments' ideas, manners of performance, and points of 
view. (The mission is also) to form (a separate branch of) the 
central detachment which actually fights on the battle front. (The 
mission is also) to communicate with other separate detachments, if 
possible, to build relationships (with them), to coordinate (with 
them), and cooperate (with them). 

The Second Department: The Coordination Department: (or 
The Non-Central Detachments) 

This department consists of members with whom a relationship has 
been previously established and who have taken courses to be 
completely qualified in the ideology, the methodology, and Islamic 
education (i.e. ideological education, morals and manners, military 
movements). The mission of this detachment is to leave the battle 
front and spread throughout the land according to each member's 
situation (i.e. if he is Egyptian, he will go to Egypt, etc.). The 
member of this department will work individually and freely; and 
completely separate from the central detachments with regard to 
movements. He will have no connection (with the central 
detachment) except the name, the goals, the methodology, the 
Islamic education, and the manner of work; other than that the 
connection will be completely cut. The advantage of this kind of 
detachment is that its leadership was educated on the ideas of the 
call (for resistance), so they have the ability to teach Islamic 
manners and education, methodology, ideology, and Islamic work in 
a safe way. These detachments were prepared proficiently in the 
military field, so they can spread the military science that is needed. 

The Third Department: (The Dawa Department) or Common 
Detachments of the Global Islamic Resistance Call 

This Detachment is the foundation of the Global Islamic Resistance 
Call which has the following slogan: 

"Resistance is the whole Ummah's Jihad, not solely that of the elite 
fighting forces." 

So the (dawa) call will be to deliver the ideas by all means and 
medium, brief or detailed, in order to enable the enthusiastic youths 
who have the intention of doing Jihad to enter the dawa and to 
make their independent, exclusive detachments. These youths will 
contribute to the resistance without any active connection or 
relation to the central detachment. 

The connection, however, is limited to: the common goal, the 
mutual name, the common Jihadi and ideological methodology, and 
a complete (Islamic) educational methodology. So these youths can 
complete their self-preparation in the correct way through the clear 

The member who joins the detachment of the common call only 
needs to believe in the ideas, confirm his intention, join the call, 

and educate himself and his group about the call. So he will begin 
working according to the methods and the style which was 
mentioned in the well-known dawa methodology and its morals and 

In the books and on the recordings wherein I explained the 
technique, I emphasized that the foundation of the call and its 
strategic scope is the third department of the global Islamic 
resistance detachments. We included the details of this 
methodology for the researcher explaining how they can establish 
detachments and how these detachments operate. But first, I will 
refer to 9/11 and its consequences, the fall of Afghani Emirates, and 
the collapse of the theory of confronting the American military 
which has materials, technology, and manpower for every field. The 
proof of this was the limited confrontation which happened between 
the uncovered and centralized forces of the Mujahideen and the 
forces of this American campaign in Afghanistan. After that, (it was 
the same) in Pakistan, Iraq, and some places like Yemen, etc. This 
completely confirmed for me the strategic importance for individual 
covert operations and the fundamental department of the call for 
resistance, i.e. the Common Dawa Department. 

I think that it might be a long time, and Allah knows best, before 
we will be able to recentralize and operate face-to-face by way of a 
standing army on the battle front. In this (current) situation we 
have to work through two departments, the first one and the third 

The First Department: The Center of Guidance: 

This department supervises the guidance and the direction, and 
publishes the methodology and education programs, and issues the 
data and the necessary research to do follow up on all of this. This 
department works covertly to suit all situations. 

The Third Department: The Detachments of the Resistance 

We hope that Allah will allow us to form these detachments. By the 
Permission of Allah, we expect these detachments to form 
automatically by those who desire to work through this 
methodology (i.e. Muslims who want to do Jihad, but don't know 
how to start yet). This forming of the detachments will be activated 

when the call reaches the common Muslim that is surrounded by 
situations that push him to join the resistance. This (joining the 
resistance) is done via underground dawa work in order to convince 
sections of the people of the necessity for the methodical control of 
the resistance, and (to convince them) of the necessity for working 
through this dawa to combine our efforts so that we reach the 
strategic goal, which is to defeat the enemy, its Nazi campaign, and 
its American-Zionist leadership. 

If Allah decrees for me a long enough life for this balance (of power) 
to happen, which we hope will return to us the ability to recentralize 
and reestablish a standing army, I will work to continue what I 
started before, and that was, in fact, to form three departments. 
This beginning (i.e. to centralize a standing army) was promising 
and encouraging. However, I will not discuss this experience which 
failed like other Jihadi attempts during the after-effects of 9/11 and 
the collapse of the Islamic Afghani Emirates. 

I hope that if this balance manifests and the Mujahideen are able to 
recentralize after I meet my Lord - and I ask Allah to forgive me 
and have mercy on me, and to make me a martyr in His Way - I 
ask Allah to make some of the well-qualified Mujahid leaders to 
work to fulfill my dream to form a directing office for the Global 
Islamic Resistance Detachments and to form expert central 
detachments for this call which is a summary of my beneficial Jihadi 
experience and dynamic ideas for a period of over a quarter of a 
century - and I ask Allah for sincerity. 

I hope this idea matures and proves to be a serious contribution 
which will help to defend the ummah and fight the occupation forces 
and their helpers who came to fight this weak and believing nation. 
I hope that this is the time for this ummah to stand up, by the 
Permission of Allah. 

Now I will go back to explaining what will help those, who are 
convinced by this call for Jihadi resistance, to completely form their 
independent covert detachments. 

The Classification of the Global Islamic Resistance 
Detachments from the Perspective of Their Mission 

1- The Builder (Recruiter) Detachments 

These Builder (Recruiter) Detachments and their members 
specialize in: 

a. Spreading the idea of Global Islamic Resistance. 

b. Convincing the leaders of Mujahideen and the youths - who have 
the intention of resisting - by using the views of the call. 

c. Hastening to form independent detachments for the Mujahideen 
leaders and for the youths. 

d. Preparing them ideologically, militarily, and security-wise. 

e. Qualifying the leaders of the Mujahideen and the youths to train 
themselves and to train their members to be operational 

The prospective mission of these builder detachments, if they are 
able, is o provide the pioneer members of operational detachments 
with money which will help them to start up. 

The necessary characteristics for the builder detachments: 

a. To be covert and able to move with freedom and security in the 
environment that they live in. 

b. To understand the methodology of the call for resistance, be 
qualified in the ideology, and be able to explain it and call to it. 

Also, they should have a proper dynamic, political, and legal 

c. To have a high level of understanding in how to move around 
covertly in order to teach others to move around in a like fashion 

(i.e. covertly). 

d. To have the competent ability to conduct secret training on light 
weapons, explosives, and other light weapons for guerilla warfare. 

e. To be able to connect with some financial sources of the 
resistance so as to provide for the newly formed operational 
detachments so that they can start up operations. 

2. The Operations Detachment 

The operations detachment consists of one or more members and it 
is better to not exceed 5-10 maximum. This detachment forms 
automatically because they (members) know the ideas, the details, 
and the belief system of the Islamic Resistance Call. Also this 
detachment is formed with the help of a member of the builder 

(recruiter) detachment. The mission of this operations detachment 
is to leave or go for Jihadi operations and join in the fighting 
immediately. They (the members) educate themselves by 
themselves via the methodology of the call (for resistance). Don't 
be tempted to expand - i.e. convert to make more 
detachments. You should resist the desire to expand so as 
not to become small pyramid organizations. This is very 
dangerous and it will quickly lead to their capture - may 
Allah forbid this. 

3. Covert Incitement Detachments 

This Detachment consists of very small cells from one to three 
members who have legal, political, and ideological qualifications. 
They also have media experience and experience of how to move 
around covertly. They also are experienced in using the internet and 
other means of electronic communication. The mission of this 
detachment is to spread the Call to resistance and to broadcast its 
literature, researches, studies, methodologies, via covert means of 
broadcasting, especially through the internet. They work to 
translate research papers and studies of the resistance into the 
language of the Muslims and to other international languages. They 
are careful when spreading these materials and they invent new 
methods of working (i.e. spreading their material) which rely on the 
situation of every place and country. I will mention the details of 
how these detachments work in the chapter of the Theory of Media 
and Incitement. 

Clarification of How to Build (Recruit) and Operate Covert 

First: The Way the builder detachments (i.e. recruiters) form 
several operations detachments: 

We know the way of building pyramid organizations and we have 
seen that it is dangerous because if any member of the pyramid is 
captured, then anyone with him on his level, under him, or above 
him will also be captured until the whole pyramid organization is 
destroyed. So if we have pyramid organizations and one of them is 
captured, this will lead to a confession about everyone on his level, 
under him, and above him. This tragedy will reoccur. The manner of 
capture and of inhumane and immoral torture leads to the 
destruction of the strongest and most secret organizations 
everywhere. We explained before that some of the organizations 
depended on the cluster-way. That is, to leave the head of the 
cluster in another country different from the country of operations 

so that the leadership resides in a safe place and keeps in contact 
with a member of the field leadership or meets with him who also is 
in a safe place. The pyramid cluster-organization managed the 
members working in the field of the country of operation. If the 
pyramid was destroyed, it would not lead to the capture of the head 
of the cluster. This manner was successful to give some of the 
Islamic and Arabic organizations, as well as, the global 
organizations room to maneuver. However, the international 
cooperation for fighting terrorism destroyed it. If any government 
requested a wanted member it led to his capture by the host 
government and he would confess the knowledge of the members 
of his organization in the other countries. This would lead to their 
capture in a matter of hours or days maximum; this was 
after the enemies announced their motto of "destruction of 
safe refuge." When the organization's leadership went for refuge, 
which was out of the control of the New World Order, like 
Afghanistan and Chechnya, the enemy made a program to destroy 
these places and put them under the control of the New World 
Order. Thus, the manner of the cluster-system was destroyed and 
deactivated and the days of organizations came to an end that will 
not return until the New World Order is destroyed. This is the aim 
which we want to achieve, with the Help of Allah. 

The Recommended Way to Build (Recruit) the Detachments 

The active member of the builder (recruiter) detachments must 
have the following important characteristics: being qualified in 
doctrines of security, in matters of legalities, in cultural matters, 
and he must have a lot of knowledge. He must be able to affect a 
wide circle of people. He will select some of his acquaintances that 
he thinks are qualified to lead the detachments. He will speak to 
each one of them separately on this topic in gradual stages after he 
trusts them and prepares them separately with one assistant, or 
two maximum. He will use the methodology of the call during the 
period of preparation, especially this book, which is the most 
important research paper. He will also use my lecture series entitled 
"Jihad is the Solution - Why and How" and my lectures which are 
recorded on video entitled "Global Islamic Resistance Detachments". 
Also, I have some recorded lectures about guerilla warfare 
principles which are useful for military education for covert wars 
and guerilla war operations. This lecture consists of three parts: 

Part 1: A brief lecture on 2 cassette tapes. 

Part 2: Lessons on 6 cassette tapes. 

Part 3: A comprehensive lecture-course consisting of 32 cassette 


This comprehensive lecture course is the explanation of the book 
"War of the Weak and Oppressed", which is the most important 
book explaining guerilla warfare and the reasons for its success and 
failures. This book contains 170 pages and is useful for preparing 
research on military and security which can be done on the internet 
and (this military and security information) is available in several 
languages. I have the intention, if Allah makes it easy for me, to 
prepare some brief lectures on this study with some supplementary 
studies for this comprehensive book. These supplementary studies 
contain what we need for dynamic, legal, political, and educational 

The members of the Builder (recruiter) Detachment must subject 
the operations detachment to a program of ideology, security, and 
military preparation. The most important part of the program is the 
ideology preparation, which lasts approximately 1 or 2 months if he 
utilizes the intensive course. I will mention the ways for covert and 
military preparation later, God Willing. Suppose that a member of 
the builder detachment prepares 4 or 5 completely separate 
(operational) detachments and none of these new members knows 
anything about the other. 

I A | | B | | C | | D | 

I E | | F | 

Now, every new member has a mission to build his own detachment 
which consists of 2 or 3 members, or he can remain alone if he 
wants. He (the recruiter) will determine a date for them. (These 
operations detachments) must not start their operations before this 
date in order to give him (the recruiter) time to leave the area. This 
is because the builder (recruiter) is the only real danger to this 
group. That is to say, all of the operational detachments can be 
destroyed by his capture. 

Before this date comes, the member of the Builder 
detachment (i.e. the recruiter) must leave to an area 
unknown to the operational detachments so that they will 
not disclose his whereabouts. 

He can go to either a Jihad battle-front outside of the control of the 
enemy, or to any country where he has a different identity that 
nobody knows about. He can also just disappear to a new area. 

He could also go and do a martyrdom operation after 
building many operations detachments, because he 
represents the only danger for the detachments that he built. 

Furthermore, if any detachments are captured, there is no 
way to know about any others except through him (the 

So it is very critical for the builder (recruiter) to be careful with his 
speech or actions, even if it is the form of giving guidance or 
encouragement, which might lead to one or some of his recruits 
guessing and discovering the identity of the others. Consequently, 
this will lead to everyone's disclosure. 

These operations detachments can form automatically without any 
builder detachments. They can work in the resistance directly 
without calling (for resistance) to others. So when an individual is 
convinced, he will join the resistance and form a small detachment 
consisting of himself and a friend only. They can prepare 
themselves through this research (i.e. Global Islamic Resistance 
Call) and give a name to their detachment. After this, they can start 
work directly without making new detachments. This is the safest 
way for them. 

Anyone who has minimal experience in covert operations training 
can recognize that a small detachment that consists of 2 or 3 
members who are qualified in military and security and who have a 
high education in terrorism can perform huge operations. This 
detachment can also move across the country in many cities giving 
the impression that they are many detachments while in fact they 
are only one. I have many stories and magnificent models of this, 
but time does not allow me to go in to it. 

Second: Be careful not to mix the covert military work with 
the dawa and media work 

Mujahideen who build the detachments must be extremely careful 
not to mix military operations with dawa work because if they do 
this they will cause a lot of harm to themselves and to others. The 
basic principle and goal of the member in the operations brigade is 
to form a brigade for himself only and to perform operations 
according to his ability. If he does not trust others, then he should 
work alone, or if he does find others he trusts, then he should only 
work with 2 or 3 maximum. In this way they can form a detachment 
and work in the military field silently, counting on their reward and 
recognition only from Allah. After this they choose one of the enemy 
targets, which have been previously mentioned, and perform one 
operation, even if it is only one operation in several months. They 
should make a brief public announcement properly while following 
strict codes of security. 

You must know: 

1. That the dawa to organize others, media work, and fund 
collecting are all (public) and thus incompatible with covert 

(secret) operations and can never ever be combined. Bringing 
these opposites together in our dynamic, Jihadi history led to 
real disasters. This is the most important extraction from our 
previous painful experiments. 

2. The principle of (combining) public dawa and secret 
organizations was the greatest failure of principle and the 
performance of this led to bloody disasters. So whoever works 
in dawa must leave covert fighting operations and vice versa. 
You must know that today the ummah needs tens of thousands 
of fighters but it only needs a few da'ees to incite to Jihad. 

3. The performance of fighting and irritating the enemies of Allah 
and sacrificing yourself in the Way of Allah is the most powerful 
call to wake our sleeping ummah and the most effective way to 
incite (others) it to Jihad. 

4. Inciting to Jihad is not a reason or an excuse to abandon the 
obligation of the actual fighting. Whoever abandons the 
obligation of fighting is like the one who abandons prayer, zakat, 
fasting and hajj. Rather, he is even worse 

because the consequences of this (abandoning fighting) is that 
the enemy will devour our ummah and also this will result in our 
ummah losing its deen and its dunya. So don't lie to yourself, but 
fear Allah The One Who knows the most hidden secrets and Who 
will harvest what is in the breasts of men when 
the contents of the graves are poured forth. Allah is Well- 
Acquainted with His Slaves and All-Seeing. 

Third: The Call for Resistance is a Serious Call 

The mujahideen must be careful and know that it is sufficient to 
build some detachments for inciting to jihad. However, we need a 
lot more (Jihadi) operations detachments. That is because the 
foundation of the obligation is fighting. "So fight in the Way of Allah, 
you are not held responsible except for yourself." Inciting to Jihad is 
sufficient for the one who is qualified. 

The brother who works in the field of fighting should not let the 
shaytan convince him to incite others and leave the field of fighting. 
This is one of the tricks of shaytan. 

The mission of recruiting others is a big responsibility. It needs, as 
we mentioned before, the recruiter to completely disappear from 
the area in which he performed his recruiting. The basis is for the 
recruiter to perform (Jihadi) operations with the one that he 

Fouth: Participate in the Calculating Progression of the 

I will refer again to that which I mentioned before in the chapter of 
the military theory, and that is that the importance of the idea of 
Global Islamic Resistance Detachments comes from spreading and 
combining its efforts. As I said before, if we form 12 detachments in 
the whole Islamic world and every detachment performs one 
operation every year, then we will have one operation every month. 
If they perform two operations, then we will have one operation 
every 15 days. The strongest organization can never ever do this! 
So imagine if 100 people are convinced by this idea and 15 of them 
succeed to perform one or three operations in a year, the results 
will be that the Resistance detachments will be mentioned several 
times every day. This will irritate the enemy and encourage the 
Muslims to work and we hope that Allah Glorified and Exalted is He, 
will bless us in these operations. We ask Allah to give us men who 
are qualified to work with these ideas, to bless us in our efforts, and 
to let us see our enemies defeated. We also ask Allah to make our 
end martyrdom in His Path. 

Chapter 8 
Section 6 

The Theory of Training in the Global Islamic 
Resistance Call 

A Review of the Old Methods of Training Used by the 
Mujahideen in Previous Experiments: 

As we mentioned before, according to our methods in order to 
extract the proper theory and the successful methods, by the 
Permission of Allah, we will extract the theory of Global Islamic 
Resistance through studying the training methods used in previous 
Jihadi experiences. I actually worked with most of these methods 
during the past years as a trainee and a trainer. After this, I was a 
training supervisor in our training program during the days when 

Taliban were in power. As a comprehensive view, we will find that 
the Jihadi experiences used one of the following methods: 

1. Secret training in homes. 

2. Training in small secret bases in the areas of operations. 

3. Public training under the protection of a country of asylum. 

4. Public training on open battlefield bases. 

5. Training in anarchic and uncontrolled areas. 

We will briefly shine the spotlight on the positive and negative 
aspects of every method and give examples of each one in order to 
choose the ideal style of training for today in a post 9/11 world and 
in the atmosphere of the global war on terrorism. 

1. Secret training in homes 

The secret Jihadi organizations used this manner in all Jihadi 
experiences. Rather, it can be said that this method is fundamental 
in preparing all secret organizations and guerilla warriors 
throughout the world. Although this method only allows training on 
light and personal weapons and allows some lessons on how to use 
explosive and weapons to use in the first stages of guerilla warfare, 
it is proven that this method is highly effective. The basic principle, 
as we will explain in guerrilla warfare operations, is having moral 
motivation and the will to fight; not to increase the knowledge of 
weapons which are not used by the mujahideen practically. 

Through these methods, the trainees learn how to disassemble and 
reassemble the weapons, and how to use and shoot them 
theoretically. They will do this practically and perform limited 
shooting in an empty area, cave, or in an enclosed part of a house 
that is sound proof. Most of the first shooting done by the trainee is 
performed during actual fighting operations. 

The mujahideen used this method in the Syrian Jihadi experience 
from 1975 to 1982 and it was very useful and successful. Indeed 
some of the mujahideen were able to kill some of the apostates and 
their helpers in their first actual shooting operations. They 
developed their skills through actual operations and it was a unique 
experience. Similarly, this happened in Jihadi experiences in other 

2. Training in small secret bases 

The Jihadi organizations used this method when they found some 
far empty areas in the mountains, jungles, and agricultural lands. 
This base was used by 5 to 12 people and they established mobile 
bases in these far areas. They conducted intensive courses where 
they applied advanced military tactics of urban guerilla warfare and 
rural guerilla warfare. These tactics consisted of ambushing, 
withdrawing to join bigger detachments, and other practices. They 
also consisted of controlled and limited shooting in areas close to 
stone quarries (places where explosives are used to obtain rocks for 
building) and in fishing areas where explosives are illegally used to 
kill and catch fish. So in these areas explosions are normal. Also, 
explosives can be detonated inside caves, but in small increments. 
This manner is very effective and it is sufficient to graduate the 
mujahideen who can then enter the guerrilla war battle in its first 
stage, especially in urban areas. 

3. Open training under the protection of a country of asylum. 

This method was very reliable before the launching of the New 
World Order. Many of the Jihadi organizations were able to benefit 
from the political conflicts, national and international, as I 
mentioned in chapter 6. The Jihadi organizations established open 
bases in the countries that had political differences with the home 
countries of the mujahideen. For example, our Jihadi experience in 
Syria was successful because that the mujahideen fighters and the 
Ikhwani Muslimeen from Syria were able to establish developed 
bases in Iraq and the Iraqi government provided them with 
tremendous military support and material. A lot of Mujahideen 
graduated between 1980 and 1983 and created general and 
specialized courses which included using every kind of land weapon 
- light, medium, and heavy - except airplanes. This happened also 
in Jordan, but in a limited capacity, with the help of the Malik 
Hussein government under the supervision of his intelligence 
agency. It occurred in Egypt also when a special team of 
Mujahideen from Syria performed high level training in urban 
guerilla warfare training and special operations under the 
supervision of the Egyptian intelligence agencies. This happened 
when the famous crisis arose between Sadat and Syria and between 
Sadat and some other Arab countries in the middle of 1981. I 
witnessed this experience personally in Iraq and Egypt. It was very 
beneficial and we acquired a high level of experience during that 

Every Islamic and un-Islamic organization in the Arab and Islamic 
countries actually used this manner during the early 60's until the 

mid 90's. However, this manner was put to an end because the 
security cooperation between the Arab and Islamic countries fell 
under the supervision of America. 

The following organizations employed this manner of training 
outside of their home countries in order to fight against their 
respective governments: 

1. The Jihadi organizations from Syria who did their training in 

neighboring countries. 

2. Some of the organizations which were in opposition to Saddam 
Hussein, especially the Shia in Syria, Iran, and Lebanon. 

3. Most or all Palestinian organizations in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, 
Jordan, Sudan, etc. 

4. Islamic Lebanese organizations. 

5. Some Egyptian organizations trained in Lebanon with Hezbollah 

6. Palestinian organizations in Iran. 

7. Some groups from northern West Africa trained in Algeria, Libya, 
and some of the central African countries and vice versa. 

More examples of international militant organizations like: 

8. ETA (a Spanish organization) and the I.R.A. (The Irish 

Army) did their training in Arab and Middle Eastern countries and 
got support from them, as well. 

9. The PKK (Turkish-Kurdish Workers Party) benefitted from Syria, 
Lebanon, and northern Iraq. 

10. The Khalq Mujahideen (an Iranian organization) was trained in 

There were organizations such as these and more. This method will 
be very important and very beneficial if the situation repeats itself. 
The military benefit will be great if the Islamic organizations avoid 
the security and political negative factors in these countries. 

4. Open training in open battlefield bases. 

The last experience was famous enough to mention its details, for 
example the open training which happened in Afghanistan in the 
first period of the Afghani Jihad between 1986 and 1992 and also 
the open training performed by the Afghani Arabs in the second 
period between 1996 and 2001. During these two periods, tens of 
thousands of Muslim and Arab Mujahideen were trained and 
benefited from this wonderful situation. Likewise, tens of Jihadi 
organizations and even non-Jihad organizations benefited from this 
situation as well. This happened again in Bosnia and Chechnya but 
not on the same scale as in Afghanistan. It happened also in many 
of the open battle field bases and revolutionary bases in the 
Philippines and in the Horn of Africa (Somalia) and Kashmir, etc. 
The training at these bases was the best training ever because the 
tools of military training and education were complete and 
comprehensive. This training was done thoroughly and without 
being exposed to any pressure or instructions (by host 
governments) like at the bases in the countries of asylum. That is 
because those governments often put political and ideological 
constraints (on the activities and training of the Mujahideen). 

5. Training in anarchic and uncontrolled areas. 

Before the launching of the New World Order, there were a lot of 
uncontrolled areas and chaotic areas in the world, especially in our 
Islamic and Arab world, in areas where tribes are practically 
independent (from the government), and also in very far areas. For 
example, the tribes in Yemen, Somalia, and the Horn of Africa. This 
also held true with tribes on the border of Pakistan and with tribes 
in the desert "belt" areas of African countries which begin in Sudan 
and extend to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It was possible (in 
the past) and still may be possible (now) for many of the 
international and national Jihadi groups to benefit from these areas 
and establish semi-open bases because weapons and ammunition 
are available in these areas at cheap prices. However, after 9/11, 
America made its first priority to control these areas that were 
uncontrolled before. Nevertheless, a lot these areas are still 
beneficial, especially for national groups or groups that are near to 
these countries. If we want take notes on training and preparation 
operations that the mujahideen conducted during these five 
previous stages, we can make it brief as follows: 

Notes about the training: 

1. Internal Training in houses and on limited internal bases: 

From the experiences of training in houses, the level of the military 
preparation was relatively low. However, the level of security was 
very high because this training happened in a very secret and 
precautionary environment. Also the ideological and moral training 
was high and it was reflected in the Jihadi ideological and political 
understanding. It was also reflected in the theory of Jihadi guerilla 
warfare, especially in our Jihadi experiences in Syria, Egypt, Libya, 
Algeria, Morocco, and others. I remember when I was a member of 
the training team during our semi-secret residence in Jordan during 
the period of the Jihadi revolution against the Syrian government 
between 1980 and 1982. We studied secretly in the houses of the 
mujahideen in Amman and other Jordanian cities. We studied more 
than 15 theoretical, educational, and military subjects and gave 
tests to the members. After this, we sent the members who passed 
the tests to bases in Baghdad, Iraq so that they could join brief and 
intensive courses, since they had already finished the theoretical 
training. We formed another group with the rest who took courses 
and they became specialists in military warfare using different kinds 
of weapons, including tanks. We saw that the subjects that we 
taught in houses proved to be important, especially the educational 
and ideological ones. And in certain situations the cell was able to 
establish limited and mobile bases. This made the operational circle 
to be complete and to be the model of best preparation, even if it 
did not reach a high military level. That (attaining the model of best 
preparation) is because there were no political and security 
restraints, like the case of moving abroad to training. 

2. The experience of encampments abroad under the 
protection a country of asylum . 

The clear advantage was a high level of military training which 
some members achieved through the power and support of the host 
countries, their armies and their security agencies. They (host 
countries) provided top training and highly developed equipment. 
However, there were very dangerous disadvantages which the 
experiences exposed through time, such as: 

A. - a lot of information, the secrets of the organization, and private 
secrets to the host countries were used as blackmail against us and 
eventually became a tool that the host countries used in order to 

make cooperation with others when their situation changed. They 
used the principles of Machvelli - "i.e. The End Justifies the Means." 
The experience proved to be a deadly strategic mistake. 

B. This method gave the host country the ability to penetrate the 
organizations through time, even if they were Islamic and Jihadi 
organizations. It enabled them to convince some of the members of 
the organizations to work under the flag of the host country, 
especially whenever this organization (which had a legal, political, 
media, and military structure) resided in this host country for a long 
time. Like what happened with the Syrian Jihadi experience when 
its leadership was in Iraq and Jordan etc. Eventually these host 
countries were able to enter these groups business and imposed 
their will on the Islamic groups using the group as a political tool in 
the region. That is because these countries followed a policy of 
controlling the Islamic groups through financing them, as we will 
mention in the Chapter of Financing. 

C. The operation of moving to bases of countries of asylum often 
posed a danger to security because of the moving and travelling of 
the Jihadi members to these bases. There were security traps set 
up by security agencies who were very alert in these situations. In 
these cases the agencies put agents on the organizations' bases and 
in their unsecured areas. They succeeded in this because 
sometimes the members of the organizations left the basic 
principles of security, especially when they resided there for a long 
time and their goal of training converted to political goals which 
inevitably resulted in emptying the fields of Jihad. 

3. The bases in the open battlefield: 

The ideal model in this case was the Afghani bases which consisted 
of 2 periods - the first period was the Jihad against Russia and the 
second period was the days of Taliban. Also, the bases in Bosnia 
were ideal to a certain extent. Chechnya was not a field of training 
nor did it attract organizations or members who wanted to train, but 
it was a field of Jihad and direct operations. Thus, the Chechen 
battle field created high cadre fighters. 

The positive points of these experiences were very great, with 
regards to the training and preparing, especially in the military 
levels. As for the disadvantages, we can sum them up as follows: 

A. Losing the chance of ideological education. This is because there 
were a lot of organizations and competition and conflicts which were 

not neither (Islamically) legal nor logical in a lot of situations, as I 
mentioned before. 

B. The problem of the high cost of travelling to the areas of training 
(i.e. Jihad) which was paid for by the trainee himself (the cost of 
traveling and residence). 

C. The problem of security penetration like obtaining a visa from the 
neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, and crossing the borders 
and moving in public, and facing the spy agencies. Also, security 
problems were caused by the combined Global War on Terror 
campaign. A lot of sectors of Mujahideen incurred great losses and 
harm without putting up any Jihadi reaction. 

4. Encampments in anarchic areas 

They were not used much in the previous stages. The negative and 
positive points of these methods are similar to the closed and secret 
bases, except one difference, these anarchic and uncontrolled areas 
were very costly to reach. 

This was a quick and brief explanation of the advantages and 
disadvantages, the methods of training in the world before 
9/11 and the current American campaign on the Islamic 

As for today, the progress of the campaigns and the cancelling of 
most of the (aforementioned) methods by cancelling the margins 
that they allowed all seem to be automatic. So it is not possible in 
the current situation to establish public training in the open battle 
field and it is not possible for a country to open bases to the 
mujahideen and the Islamists. Moreover, the anarchic and 
uncontrolled areas are all now near to being completely under the 
control of America, such as the tribal areas of Yemen, the tribal 
areas of Sarhat in north-western Afghanistan, and the desert "belt" 
of Central Africa, etc. 

So in a world under America's attack and under the 
international coordination for fighting terrorism, it seems 
clear that the only way possible for us now, is the way of 
secret training in houses and mobile encampments. In the 

current situation, the available opportunity for the extremely secret 
methods of training is very difficult. We will try to give some 
explanations to help the resistance detachments and other 
mujahideen everywhere to train themselves and prepare their 
strength to terrorize the enemy of Allah from amongst the 
Americans, the Zionists, and their allies. However, before entering 

the topic of the basics of the method of the resistant detachment 
training, I will explain some of the concepts and points which help 
to extract and understand this topic. This topic covers the training 
methods needed now. 

The Concept of Preparing: Its Purpose and Goals 

Preparation: It is to know a group of sciences, knowledge, and 
some physical abilities to perform the mission of Jihad which is 
fighting in the Way of Allah. These 2 noble verses summarize the 
concept, tools, and goals for preparing, and the sunnah gives 
details of this practically and theoretically, which needs a separate 
book, but we are here to only give a summary. These 2 verses are: 

" And prepare against them all you can of power, including steeds of 
war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery) to terrorize the enemy of 
Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not 
know but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in 
the Cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be 
treated unjustly. " (Surat Anfal, Ayah 60) 

"And if they had intended to march out (for jihad), certainly, they 
would have made some preparation for it; but Allah was averse to 
their being sent forth, so He made them lag behind, and it was said 
(to them), "Sit you among those who sit (at home). " (Surat At- 
Tauba, Ayah 36) 

I will mention some of the benefits of these verses. 

As for the verse from Surat Anfal: 

1. It is decided that preparation is according to one's ability and not 
above one's ability. Further, it is a legal obligation, so every Muslim 
prepares his weapon and himself according to his ability. 

2. "From strength and Steeds of War" these comprehensive words 
refer to every means for acquiring weapons, war machines, and 
transportation. The Prophet Muhammad (sws) explained this in his 

"The strength is shooting" and he repeated it 3 times. The Qur'an 
commands all the Muslims to obtain weapons and not to be 
heedless of this. So the Noble Qur'an says in the noble verse of 
Surat An-Nisa: 102 

"...And let them pray with you taking all the precautions and bearing 
arms. Those who disbelieve wish, if you were negligent of your 
weapons and your baggage, to attack you in a single rush , but 
there is no sin on you if you put away your weapons because of the 
inconvenience of rain or because you are ill, but take every 
precaution for yourselves. Verily, Allah has prepared a humiliating 
torment for the disbelievers. " 

3. The verse explains that the obligation of preparing is not the 
mere acquisition of knowledge, physical exercise, or other than that 
of which has spread lately about preparing (for Jihad), like travelling 
without the having intention of Jihad. Preparing is for a specific goal 
only... "Prepare... to terrorize the enemy of Allah and your enemy, 
and others" as I mentioned this verse before. 

4. Then this ayat refers to a gentle indication after the order to 
prepare and obtain weapons and war machines, to spend. This is 
because Allah SWT knows the cost of this and He knows that most 
of those who desire to make Jihad are poor. The verse orders 
spending and ends with the order to spend and promises great 
rewards from Allah. 

As for the verse of At-Taubah: 

It contains important signs and important jurisprudence for the 
relationship of preparing with faith and its relationship with practical 
Jihad. Among the distinctions of this is verse (46) which speaks 
about hypocrites and their claim of having the intention for Jihad 
after verses (44-45) which speak about the relationship of the 
believers and how they, in fact, perform Jihad with their property 
and lives and they do not ask permission to flee (from fighting) like 
the hypocrites do; those whose hearts are in doubt and seek 
permission for an escape. And for this reason, the chapter of At- 
Tauba is called the "Exposer of the Hypocrites." So now the verse 
which concerns us decides that among the signs of the hypocrites is 
their avoiding the preparation for fighting and Jihad. Also, the verse 
says about them "If they wanted to go out", this means if their 
intention were truthful to fight and go out (in the path of Allah) 
"They would have prepared something for it." That means they 
would prepare to fight, which was required of them according to 
their capability and capacity. This verse, also, determines that Allah 
SWT hated for them to go out for Jihad and discouraged them from 
it (i.e. going out for Jihad) because he knew the situation, so he 
made them stay behind as a mercy for the mujahideen. This is 
because going out for these people is harmful (for the Jihad and the 

We will return to our main topic which is the relationship between 
Jihad and preparing for it. So the verse refers to the stages of this 
in the words of Allah: "If they had wanted to go out they would 
have prepared something for. ..sit back with those who stay back" 

What we understand from the verse is the indication that there are 
3 stages: The will, preparing, and dispatching (the army). 

This dynamic and logical order summarizes the mechanism of Jihad 
and resistance operations. 

1. The Will: Having the will to fight is the forefront of 
preparing, and afterwards Jihad. 

All of the military schools unanimously agree that having the will 
and the morale to fight is the fundamental for achieving victory and 
for performing well. Having the will (to do something) is the basis 
for every action in every human activity. So whoever wants to eat, 
drink, marry, do business, travel, or anything must begin with the 
sincere will. The sign of a sincere will is that one moves to prepare 
to achieve this will - which in our situation is Jihad-. So preparation 
is the fruit of a sincere will and after the will and desire become 
sincere, the man moves to prepare according to his ability to 
terrorize the enemy of Allah and the enemy of the Muslims. After 
preparing, he gets to go out to fight, that is if the intention is 
sincere, and he prepares what he can, and the man moves to fight. 
Allah will not make him lag behind except because of his harm and 
degradation. We ask Allah to make us firm and give us well-being in 
all our affairs. Also, Allah SWT does not allow the shaytan to control 
this man, nor does Allah allow this man to become a coward and 
weak resulting in him staying behind. As the Prophet sws said: 
" of the dunya and hating death." 

This will to fight which will leads to preparation and other activities 
is very important to the normal soldier. However, it is the 
foundation of the movement for the guerrilla warrior in general, and 
for the Jihadi resistance in particular. Rather, it is the basic weapon 
which causes him to move even if he only has civilian weapons 
because he cannot find military weapons. 

Strange Phenomenon in the world of Preparing for Jihad 

I referred to this strange phenomenon many times and I would like 
to correct it, because it has a dangerous and negative effect on the 
ummah. In the world of the hypocrites who stay behind and who 
escape from Jihad, it is well-known that they do not prepare like the 
verse mentioned. If they had wanted to make Jihad, they would 

have prepared for it, but in fact, they do not want Jihad so do not 
prepare and do not make Jihad. 

However, I noticed something in our great Jihad experience in 
Afghanistan in both periods. Tens of thousands of youth came to 
prepare at the bases, but they did not have the aim or goal of ever 
making Jihad!! They clearly announced that they only came for 
fulfilling the obligation of Jihad preparation!! These tens of 
thousands went back to their countries having trained in an 
abundance of military courses where they learned how to use every 
kind of weapon, as well as, how to implement every kind of fighting 
techniques. After this time, disasters stormed the ummah, such as 
the arrival of the American forces in the Arabian Peninsula, then the 
occupation of Afghanistan, and then the occupation of Iraq. Even 
before this, there was the spilling of the (Muslims) blood in 
Palestine, plus the continuity of apostate rulers who continued with 
series of treachery and oppression making the Muslim people 
miserable. Despite all of these disasters, (all of the tens of 
thousands) of youth who went ONLY to prepare for Jihad, did not 
make a move (to defend the ummah). Rather, they sunk into the 
earth in a strange and static silence. 

Here we have a new case in the series of the current inconsistencies 
in the ummah and one of the phenomenal failures. This failure is 
the phenomenon of the ones who prepared but they did not 
want to go out. They wanted to prepare but at the same time 
they did not want to perform jihad. So they wanted to stay 
behind with premeditation! 

I am not here to mention the reasons of this because I already 
mentioned the majority of them. However, I mentioned it here 
because it has a relationship with preparing, so it produced useless 
preparation with no benefit. It has proven to be evidence against 
these people who stayed behind despite their having the ability to 
fight and resist. And there is neither might nor strength except with 

The weapon of the Resistance and of the Jihadi Guerrilla 

In the previous recordings and lectures, I referred to the basics of 
guerrilla warfare and its stages, weapons, and the military and 
political manner of this war. We are here to study and focus on the 
topic of training on resistance weapons and to mention approved 
ways of training according to the needs and the situation. This is 
because the theory of guerrilla warfare is divided into 3 stages 

according to a variety of global experiments, and every stage has 
specific weapons. These stages are mainly: 

The First Stage: The Stage of Exhausting 

It is the stage of just a few guerrillas and wars of limited terrorism. 
In this stage the guerrilla depends on methods of assassination, 
raiding, small ambushes, and selective explosion operations in order 
to confuse the enemy, whether the enemy is the occupying 
authority or the operating government, in order to bring them to 
the point of security exhaustion, political confusion, and also 
economic exhaustion. 

The Second Stage: The Balancing Stage 

In this stage the guerrilla moves to the stage of great strategic 
attacks which compels the other forces to enter decisive and 
definitive battles causing the dissemblance of its military sectors 
and the desertion of some of its soldiers and officers over to the 
side of the guerrillas without reaching to the stage of face to face 
confrontation. So ambushing and raiding are the fundamentals in 
guerrilla operations. Also, maybe the guerrilla in this stage will do 
an operation of temporarily controlling some areas to achieve some 
important political, media, or military goals, but not to centralize in 
this area. 

The Third Stage: The Stage of Decisiveness and Liberation 

In this stage the guerrilla enters into semi-systematic operations 
and systematic operations and controls some of the areas in order 
to launch the rest of the decisive operations in the country. This will 
happen after some of the sectors of the army join the guerrilla 
warriors and have the technical armament ability enabling them to 
enter face to face confrontations. In this case, a few guerrillas will 
have significant operations to conduct behind the enemy lines in 
order to confuse the enemy forces by using the guerrilla techniques. 

This brief summary about the stages of guerrilla operations gives us 
an idea about the weapons for every stage and the guerrilla warfare 
manuals speak about them. These weapons will be briefly 

Weapons in the first stage: 

They are light and individual weapons like pistols, light and medium 
Kalashnikovs, RPG's and their equivalents, hand grenades, public 
explosives (Molotov cocktails) and military explosives. 

Weapons in the Second Stage: 

These include medium and heavy Kalashnikovs which need more 
than one person or need to be attached to a tank or vehicle and 
medium sized cannons, especially the mortars. They also include 
land mines and short distance surface to surface missiles which can 
be carried and moved easily. They also include explosives which 
have specific uses in this stage to be used by a team of engineers 
who specialize in using these weapons. 

Weapons in the Third Stage: 

These include the rest of the weapons used by the army after the 
resistance enters the operation of revolution and faces the military 
sectors which have been previously disassembled by the guerrillas. 

From here and through this introduction we find ourselves in this 
situation and according to the Global Islamic Resistance and its 
military and political goals, we face the first stage now and we need 
weapons of guerilla and resistance in this stage. This duration of the 
time of this stage will not be short, especially regarding to the 
Global Islamic Resistance Detachments which are popular and 
simple and who depend on exhausting the American military forces 
and its external allies and internal agents, as I mentioned in the 
second chapter "Political" and the third chapter "Military". As for the 
area which we were forced to perform face to face operations like in 
Iraq and Afghanistan and the border of the Sarhad tribe, in these 
areas we developed the weapons of the second stage. 

However, in the shade of the current dominant strategies of the 
enemy in the air, land, and sea and in the shade of our strategies 
which we employ as a consequence to the enemy's strategies which 
make us enter a guerrilla war or a war of the weak and oppressed. 
Our training will be summarized in two points: 

1. Dependency on the manner of the training in secret homes 
and small secret mobile bases. 

2. Limited training on the weapons of the first stage, 

fundamentally, and using and training on the weapons of 
the second stage in suitable areas like Afghanistan and 
Iraq and other areas such as these. 

The details of this are in the following paragraph: 

The Training of the Global Islamic Resistance 
Detachments: The Manner and the Weapons: 

Our theory in this training depends on the following principles: 

1. Focusing on the ideology and methodology of preparing and 
developing the will to fight and morale. 

2. Focusing on the understanding of the theory of Jihadi guerilla 
warfare or also called the war of the weak and oppressed. 

3. Spreading the methodology of the ideological, military, and 
theoretical training in our ummah using all means (i.e. internet, 
pamphlets, word of mouth, etc.) 

4. Dependency on the manner of the training in secret homes and 
small secret mobile bases. 

5. Developing fighting abilities through Jihadi operations and joining 
the battlefield. 

We will highlight the details of the strategies of preparing and 
training (after the following remarks.) 

Remarks: I mentioned in detail in the previous paragraphs the topic 
of ideological preparation and the establishment of the Islamic 
methodological principles in general, and the Jihadi ideology in 
particular as the basis of the resistance operation in order to create 
a methodological resistant mujahid and to raise the temperature of 
the general atmosphere in the ummah until the ummah makes 
Jihad and revolution against the oppressors and their helpers. 

I only want to point out that this must be performed in a 
methodological manner and through efforts of the detachments, no 
matter what the size is - big or small, under the supervision of the 
emir. The emir should prepare the members and cadres 
methodologically by using the researches, books, and compulsory 
reading according to their abilities and understanding. 

In this series of resistance essays I gave a suitable amount of 
methodological fundamentals and I recommended most of the 
books by Shaheed Imam Abdullah Azzam (may Allah have mercy on 
him). He left a great legacy that is priceless to this day. Also I 
recommended using Islamic books that are legacies, both written in 
the past and present. These can help to increase the will to fight 
and incite it through knowledge and insight, as I mentioned in the 
essay of comprehensive educational theory. It is imperative that we 
focus on the theory of guerrilla warfare in general and the basics of 
Jihadi warfare in particular via the methodological memorandums 
(and I will try to give a summary about them) annexed to this 
series, Allah willing. We should also focus on the aforementioned 
theory via the books and military references which speak about 
guerrilla warfare. In the past, I recorded a series of lectures 
covering this technique (of guerilla warfare) during both periods of 
the Afghani Jihad stages. These lectures are a summary taken from 
a lot of books that I read in the past on guerrilla warfare. I will 
mention the titles of these lectures because they are very 
important. The titles are: 

1. Lessons in Guerrilla Warfare (2 tapes/ duration: 3 hours) 

2. Managing and Organizing Guerrilla Warfare (6 tapes/ duration 9 

Then the research and long course which is very important: 

3. Explanation of the Book: "War of the Weak and Oppressed" 

This is the most important book translated on the topic of guerrilla 
warfare. I explained it in the 36 tapes which last perhaps 25 hours. 

If I live long enough, I will try, God willing, to convert this recording 
into a book entitled "The Basics of Jihadi Guerrilla Warfare in the 
light of the Situation Under the Current American Campaign." If 
Allah, Glory and Exalted is He, does not decree this for me, then I 
hope the He, Glory and Exalted is He, allows someone to succeed in 
doing it on the condition that they convert it as it is without editing, 
adding to it, or deleting from it. And I ask Allah, Glory and Exalted 
is He, to allow me to benefit from this and record for me merits in 
my book of good deeds. This technique of guerrilla warfare is a very 
important in military science. Very few Arabs have written about 
this and I don't know any Muslim or Jihadi who has written about it 
either - maybe they have, but I have not come across them. I hope 
that Allah, Glory and Exalted is He, gives me success from the 
aforementioned lectures and the books which come from them. If 
this happens, by the Help of Allah, it will be a great success. 

As for this paragraph, it is the most important fundament of training 
in our Jihadi call to resistance. It is the spreading of the knowledge 
for preparing and training, and its methodology and programs 
should be spread via every means, especially the internet, CD's, 
direct broadcasts, recordings, etc. 

Manners of Training the Resistance Detachments in the 
Shade of the American Campaign 

I don't think we will be able to establish open military bases in the 
near future like we had in the last decade because the security 
situation has changed a lot. Also the bases in the battle front, 
wherever it may expand, can not hold the billions of (people) our 
ummah along with its Jihadi youths who will number in the millions, 
Allah Willing. It's not easy for the open bases to hold the Jihadi 
youths while at the same time they try to maintain a covert status 
and conduct (secret) training and preparing. Today's situation 
conflicts with the theory of training held by the Mujahideen of the 
last two decades. That theory depended on calling the ummah to 
join the bases. The training theory in our Call to Resistance depends 
on moving the bases inside the ummah. 

We must move the training to every home, district, and valley of the 
Muslim countries via spreading the methodology and its details, 
especially the military ones. We must also spread the lessons for using 
weapons and using fighting techniques in the comprehensive military 
operations to the whole of the Islamic ummah; men, youths, women, 
and children. This issue is seriously logical because you can not put 
the whole ummah inside the bases. However, it is possible put the 
bases in the ummah, its homes, and its districts. 

That is if we want to fulfill the slogan "Resistance is the whole 
Ummah's Jihad, not solely that of the elite fighting forces." 

We must use this manner of training in the home and limited mobile 
bases, as I mentioned before, because the popular resistant 
weapons and the Jihadi guerrilla warfare weapons used in the city in 
the stage of exhausting and confusing (the enemy) by terrorism are 
simple weapons, like pistols, hand grenades, rocket launchers, 
explosives. These are simple weapons and the training for these 
weapons is also very simple. The one who knows these weapons 
and how to use them must help the people around him to conduct 
training. Furthermore, the published materials (brochures, 
pamphlets, on-line material, etc.) will help in facilitating the training 
on these weapons. 

However, we must be very careful with using explosives. Only 
theoretical training with them can be done in the homes. If we want 
to handle them practically, we must go outside of the cities, even if 
it is this handling is simple. This is in order to avoid accidents and 
avoid the security forces discovering us. 

As for shooting operations and practicing,, we have to find suitable 
locations and situations such as caves, empty mountains, large 
jungles, and deserts etc. while taking proper security measures and 
establishing security points to alert if the police or the military is 
approaching when we operate in these large areas. 

The adoption of this method became a priority after 9/11 and I 
became alert to the matter before this. I tried to spread these 
observations among the Arab mujahideen in Afghanistan during the 
days of Taliban after I saw these cruise missiles strike the bases of 
Al Qaida in the summer of 1998 with such accuracy and intensity. 
About 75 missiles struck their targets in a span of just a few 
minutes. America was able to deliver 1 missile for every room on 
the base. I told many of our brothers that the time of fixed bases 
had expired after that incident and that we would have to adopt the 
method of home training (and mobile mujahideen bases) as I 
named them. These mobile bases will be straw houses, two cars, 
some members, tents in the jungles and deserts, any of these are 
enough to implement the program and we can move them to any 
other place. However, the Arab mujahideen before had depended 
on the method of making dawa and sending the ummah to the fixed 
bases. They were not careful enough to take their precautions and 
be aware of the fact that they were in the age of the satellite and 
the age of long range missiles - "And the Order of Allah is decreed 
and implemented." (Qur'anic verse). However, now I see that the 
spreading of knowledge of warfare and its weaponry have convinced 
the elite to find alternatives. The way I see it is that covert warfare 
is the only way to teach, train, and to execute because the 
American modern technology controls space (around this planet) 
and its atmosphere. In the conclusion of this essay, I will give (an 
idea about the program of home training and mobile mujahideen 

As for the development of fighting skills via direct operations and 
joining the battle field, we see that it was successful in practice, 
such as the Jihadi experience in some of the Arab and Islamic 
countries like the Syrian experience and the Afghan experience. 

There was the first detachment of mujahideen which belonged to 
the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria which used the following method in 
home training and in their implementation on the battle front: 

1. The organization was divided into 2 parts. The first party was the 
covert member who was not wanted by the police. The second 
party was the wanted member, but he disappeared in the civilian 
bases i.e. in hideouts inside of homes. 

2. The party that was not wanted worked in the mission of fact- 
finding, collecting money and information, recruiting, and support 
operations (i.e. fulfilling certain needs like: medical, food, petrol, 

3. As for the wanted members, they execute the basic military 
mission which consisted of mostly assassination operations, 
limited ambushes on the security forces, or attacks against some 
of the governmental and intelligence centers. 

The training which was performed in the homes was to disassemble 
and reassemble the simple weapons which were mostly pistols and 
some of the light machine guns, especially the Kalashnikovs and 
some of the hand-grenades. Also, some of the limited shooting 
operations were sometimes performed in the orchards and far 
areas. The mujahideen brothers (who had experience in training 
Palestinian organizations, particularly the Islamic bases in 1969) 
took part in supervising in this (home) training. Likewise, the 
brothers who had previously worked in the governmental military 
supervised in this training, too. 

When the amateur member went out on his first operation, he was 
just an observer in order to see how the operation was executed. In 
the second stage, he went out armed, but only in the role of a 
supportive member. He was not to get involved except in the event 
of an emergency. In the third stage, he went out to participate and 
to execute the operation with the help of the professional member. 
After that, he took part in both the training and fighting. 

In this way experience was developed, via the battlefield. After this, 
some of the members were sent to Iraq in 1981 to receive training 
on medium weapons. Afterwards, they came back and introduced 
the medium weapons, such as bigger machine guns, anti-tank 
missiles, and light mortars and explosives. 

Some of the training bases were established before the Jihad (the 
Syrian experience) under the cover of civilian encampments, youth 
excursion, fitness training, and military tactics without weapons. 

Weapons were used, but only in rare cases. This manner graduated 
excellent cadres who performed nicely. The basic factor for this 
success was a very strong will to fight and morale preparation. 
Furthermore, I heard about experiences like this in the training of 
the houses and shooting in the bases of the far areas like in Egypt, 
Libya, Algeria, Morocco, etc. 

As for the Afghan experience, the fundamentals had exposed the 
member to good training courses before they moved to the front 
lines in the battle fields. However, I saw many cases and training 
courses via the battle field in which training was performed in actual 
fighting. It was an excellent experience. Once, I saw a course on 
how to use the mortar. It was performed directly in the battlefield 
during the fighting against Russia and communism and the trainer, 
Abu Hammam Al Masri (may Allah have mercy on him) explained to 
us theoretical lessons on the mortar for a period of 2 days. The 
practical application (of shooting the mortar) was performed in the 
form of real shooting at the enemy targets. In response, these 
(enemy) targets returned fire at us. During 3 or 4 days, the trainees 
lived in an excellent and real life environment (conducive) for 
training and fighting at the same time. 

The actual training arena via the battle field is possible and it is 
beneficial. It has a special flavor with a variety of activities. This is 
because it creates a trainer-member that supervises the training. I 
actually saw this when I was a trainer in Iraq and Jordan during the 
Jihad against the oppressive Syrian government and during the 
both Afghan experiences, as well as, other experiences. 

The basic principle in order to graduate a fighter is that he must 
have the will to fight and morale training. Military training is a basic 
and important principle, but it can be performed easily given the 
right means and conditions. This training will be effective through 
the involvement of real fighting. Allah's Words suffice "And those 
who fight for Our Sake, We will guide them on Our Path. And Allah 
is with the good-doers." So the basic principle of Jihad is Support 
from Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) along with His Help and 
Prosperity in training and operations. The foundation is the will to 
fight, "If they had wanted to go forth (in Jihad), they would have 
made preparation for it. " 

A summarized Idea about the Training Program via Homes 
and Secret mobile bases 

If Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) makes it easy for us, we will 
try to include a military supplement to the essay on resistance. It 
will include detailed courses in some military sciences which are 

needed for guerilla warfare, particularly urban and covert warfare, 
which are considered to be the fundamentals for the operations of 
the resistance detachments in the next stage. So the program will 
cover training on light weapons, acquiring proficiency in using them, 
the science of explosives and a supplement of sciences like 
electronics and electricity. It will also cover urban guerrilla warfare 
tactics, Allah Willing. 

However, here I will refer to a light program which the most simple 
cell that has the intention of resistance is able to apply in the most 
secure and secret situation. This training program covers broad 
lines as follows: 

The member himself and the brothers with him get involved in a 
sports program by joining a sports club specializing in contact 
sports like wrestling, karate, judo, boxing, etc. He can also 
involve himself in a daily personal sports program including 
running for long periods or long distances and physical 
stretching. These provide a high level of fitness. 

Take lessons in disassembling and reassembling available pistols 
and machine guns by getting pamphlets that explain their 
advantages, specifications, how to deal with them, and how to use 

Start shooting with hand guns which use compressed air for 
hunting small birds. These guns and pistols that use pellets and 
BB's are available every where. 

Engage in a theoretical study of using hand-grenades through 
studying pamphlets and training on them by throwing rocks that 
are similar in size and weight. 

Engage in a theoretical study of using explosives and their 
specifications, storing them, and dealing with them. Also, train the 
members on objects similar to the original material, like wooden 
and plastic objects and ropes, without using the original material. 
However, you should use electric wires and explain how to connect 
them by using a light instead of a detonator. We actually 
experimented using this method and it was completely successful. 
The theoretical explosive course consists of about 40 hours of 
lessons on plastic and wooden objects. Therefore, the use of these 
explosives will be proficient and the only thing remaining for the 
trainee to do will be to detonate them in the suitable place but 
with limiting it to just a very small explosion. 

Acquire proficiency in using wireless communication equipment 

and studying its security instructions. Prevent the usage of this 
equipment in private homes. However, use it in abandoned places 
for a period which does not exceed half a minute in order to avoid 
being caught by the government. Also, be sure to only use the 
language similar to the language used by the governmental 
agencies (i.e. police language, military language, security guard 
language, etc. so as to avoid raising their suspicion). 

- The theoretical study includes the following tactical and military 
subjects via pamphlets that are available on the internet and the 
most important of these pamphlets are: 

1. Pamphlets on light and medium weapons 

2. Pamphlets on the science of explosive engineering 

3. Pamphlets on the science of Military Topography 

4. Pamphlets on the science of Wireless communication and codes 

5. Pamphlets on the security, movement, covert operations, 
disappearing, evading security forces, surveying for targets. 

6. Pamphlets on the science of electricity, electronics, and related 
sciences of explosive engineering. 

7. Pamphlets on the science of making explosives (with the 
condition that the brother who supervises this must be a 
specialist in chemicals and the implementation must take 
place in far away places and must be used in very small 

8. Pamphlets on fighting tactics for the following warfare: urban, 
mountain, jungle, guerilla, the tactics of facing regular armies 

9. Pamphlets on security, organization behavior, punctuality of 
appointments, sending and receiving messages secretly, etc. 

This military knowledge is very important and it is easy to put it on 
CD's and spread in order to benefit from it and to graduate 
members. Also, it is easy to use this information to train members 
on intensive programs and to apply a lot of the beneficial training 
activities in homes or youth sports camps, etc. So the only thing 
remaining would be to apply practically the shooting and detonation 
of explosives. This will be performed in suitable places and at 
suitable times on secret mobile bases or whatever is available. It is 
very important for the members to take the utmost security 
measures while engaging in this training, and Allah is The One Who 
gives success. 

Chapter 8 
Section 7 

The Theory of Financing for the Global Islamic Resistance 

Money is the pillar and foundation of Jihad and we understand this 
from bitter realities. We also realize why the mentioning of Jihad 
with one's life is parallel with the mentioning of Jihad with one's 
wealth. In a lot of Qur'anic verses, Jihad with one's wealth comes 

We will persist in extracting the theories of operation for the 
resistance detachments through past experiences. We begin with a 
study into the ill effects of this problem which exhausted the 
contemporary mujahideen and brought them to misfortunes 
through long decades of suffering. In the end (the enemies) came 
up with a landslide of hostile international plans to fight the 
mujahideen and programs to dry up the sources (of their finance). 
We will try to search for solutions to finance the future resistance 
detachments, and Allah is the One Who guides to the right path. 

Ways of financing in the early stages of the Secret Jihadi 

The Jihadi organizations depended on the following sources in the 
early stages: 

1. In the beginning, by contributions of the members and the close 

2. Donations given by the local charitable people in the first stage. 

3. Donations given by the international charitable people after 
launching the operations and announcing the confrontation (with 
the enemy). 

4. Support from the neighboring governments that benefited from 
the Jihad against the enemy government in national politics; so 
some of the Jihadi organizations benefitted financially from this 

5. Partially, through spoils of war. However, this was never the 
basis in any Jihadi experience or any Jihadi group. 

This is general. The rate of dependency on these sources differed 
from other experiences. However, the general funding for most of 
the experiences remained to be the donations of the charitable 
people. The summary and slogan of the theory of financing during 
the organizations' experiences was "For the Sake of Allah, oh 
charitable people; please help us with Jihad (by donating)." 

Manners of Financing in the Jihadi Experiences in the open 
battle front: 

Like both of the Afghan experiences, as well as the experiences in 
Bosnia, Chechnya, the Philippines, Eritrea, etc., we observed clearly 
that the Jihadi financial sources were: 

- The donations given by the charitable Muslims because all of the 

ummah or at least, most of the ummah supported this Jihad. 

- Support from some governments and from international 
establishments which benefitted from the Jihad in these places. 

-The spoils from the weapons of the enemies were not essential to 
the source of financing. Therefore, the slogan of these Jihadi 
experiences and the summary of financial sources also was "For 
the Sake of Allah, oh charitable people; please help us with Jihad 
(by donating)." 

Short notes about the financial issues in the past 

We can summarize the notes and the lessons in our past 
experiences in the following points: 

1. The financial problem continued to be in all Jihadi experiences 
the biggest and the main problem. Further, it was often the main 
reason to cause the Jihad to breakdown or to be sponsored by some 
establishments which were not sincere to the cause of the Jihad. 
Thus, it diverted the Jihad from its true path as a result of the 
politics penetrating it or what is called "The politics of financial 
sinking." Thus, this establishment started gradually financing in the 
following way: 

a. Financing without any conditions. 

b. Financing with the advice from the financier, but without the 
Jihadi organization being required to follow the advice. 

c. Financing with suggestions from the financier and with anger if 
the Jihadi organization did not implement the suggestions. 

d. Financing with the condition that the Jihadi organization would 
have to be committed to following the will of the financier. 
Only after the financier was absolutely sure that the Jihadi 
expenses had reached a stage that was impossible for the 
mujahideen leadership to continue to work without this 
money, did they (the financiers) start to dictate what they 
wanted done. 

2. It is proven that the best and most sincere financing without 
control or dictates put on the Jihad leadership is very rare; 
whether the leadership works in the organization or on the 
battlefield, except in very rare cases. 

3. It is proven that when the secret (Jihadi) organization had 
extended or entered the stage of confrontation (against their 
enemy) and increased the list of military and organizational 
expenses, the expenses of the families of the martyrs and Muslim 
prisoners of war, and the organization's overhead, this caused 
the overall expenses to become so huge that the biggest 
organization would not have been able to resolve this problem. 

4. It is proven that the open battle front had two financial cases: 

A) The battle front where the fighting was in agreement with main 
and greater international politics, particularly with the policies of 

America and her allies, or at very least with America's. This led 
to the immense amount of financial support (for the Jihad) like 
the first Afghan Jihad which was considered a model of 
international agreement to support, or at least to allow large 
charitable donations to reach the mujahideen. Also, in the first 
stages of the Jihad in Bosnia, when, to America's advantage, 
pressure on Europe led to the hindrance of her projects for 
independence of American rule. Another example was in the first 
stages of the Jihad in Chechnya, when this Jihad agreed with 
American politics to besiege and pressurize Russia. 

B) The battle front where Jihad is against the will of the 
international community, particularly America's will, like the 
Jihad in Afghanistan in the days of Taliban, and in Bosnia after 
the Dayton agreement, and in Chechnya after Russia 
surrendered to western politics. The west and the whole 

Christian world, including Russia, colluded and connived in 
making a global confrontation against Islam, particularly in the 

mid 90's in the past century. The result of this embargo was that 
it prevented money from reaching the battle front and from 
reaching the mujahideen and their leadership operating in it. 

So there has always been an external financial problem with 
donations in both cases. In the first case, when the money flowed 
to the mujahideen, there was a reason to control them and to 
dictate to them via the donors and the countries (that donated 1 ) and 
in the end they completely controlled (the Jihadi operations'). Often 
it was one of the main reasons that caused the Jihadi work to be 
destroyed in the second case. 

If we want to mention some of the negative results of the 
Mujahideen's financial catastrophe, individually and collectively, 
during these experiences we will find the following: 

1. Contrary to the Islamic history in the time of the noble 
Companions (of the Prophet sws) and in the time after this until the 
last days of the Islamic Caliphate, the mujahideen were from the 
rich sector of the ummah. Rather, some of them were of the richest 
of the rich because they received the spoils of war like the 
companion, Zubair ibn Al Awam (May Allah be pleased with him) he 
was one of the richest companions and he had no other source of 
income except what he received from the spoils. His story is very 
famous. Also a lot of the companions were like this. Similarly, the 
leadership and mujahideen who came after them were made rich 
when the spoils were justly divided amongst them because of the 
justice of the kings and Caliphs who ruled during those times. 

However, the phenomena of the current Jihad has caused the 
current mujahideen to be one of the poorest sectors of the 
ummah, and of the completely bankrupt people, tied the 
Mujahideen's status to begging, being needy, and following 
the one who finances him and who helps him to perform this 
obligation (of Jihad), despite the fact that in the past they 
were the best in the ummah and were of the high-class 
sector in the deen and in sacrificing in Jihad. 

2. The financial sources controlled the will of the Jihad 
organization's leadership and controlled the leadership of the battle 
front. This led to forcibly exposing of a lot of their secrets. It also 
led to financiers and their companions of the intelligence agencies 
entering the bases and attending the meetings of the secret 

Worse than that, in the experience of the first Afghani Jihad, the 
Saudi intelligence forcibly prevented the Arab leadership of the 
mujahideen from speaking about "Tawheed Al Hakimiya" (The Unity 

of Allah in His Right to Govern mankind), giving lessons about it, 
and spreading the ideas about it on the Arab Mujahideen's main 
bases!! In Bosnia, the Saudi Intelligence forced the Arab Bases to 
refrain from teaching guerrilla warfare and explosive lessons out of 
fear that the Arab Mujahideen would return to their home countries 
and use these skills against the governments. This is what 
happened from the charitable donors who came wearing the Islamic 
clothes and long brotherly beard!! 

Also, what happened from supporting countries, like in the Jihad in 
Syria when the Iraqi government controlled them (Jihadi 
organizations) and forced them to carry the secularist flag in the 
end and forced the Muslim Brotherhood organization to commit to 
unification with the apostate parties; worse than this, with the 
Naseeri Rulers, the enemies of the Mujahideen!! This is not a 
situation to drag on, but it is a painful study which has a lot of bitter 

3. The most bitter lesson was that some of the big financier Jihadi 
organizations forced their will on the small organizations and made 
them commit to their politics, desires, and view points. Worse than 
this, they forced the small organizations to work when they wanted 
them to work and to stop when they wanted them to stop by using 
the "brotherly help" which they gave in the "Path of Allah"! In this 
situation, the financier establishments saw the interests of Islam 
and the Muslims according to their politics and their ways of 

When the enemy came to recognize the problem of Jihad financing, 
its importance, and its effects, it took the slogan of "Drying the 
Source" as a complete plan to besiege the mujahideen, starve 
them, and restrain them from moving. Therefore, America forced all 
of the countries to give them reports of money transfers and to 
freeze the account of anyone who is accused of terrorism. Worst 
than this, they took the money of the charity organizations and 
closed them down. Misfortune and catastrophe reached the 
mujahideen and everyone close to them, even though this was just 
America and its agent's accusations. 

I can summarize this. Our previous experiences had a lot of 
catastrophes. This means the priority for us is to search for a way 
to finance the Jihadi resistance brigades in the next stage. Before 
moving towards this, we will mention some ideas which shine light 
on the methods of searching, and we ask Allah, Glory and Exalted is 
He, to help us. 

- If we do a study on the financial theory in Islam including all of 
the stages from when Allah, Glory and Exalted is He, gave the order 
to perform Jihad in the land of Medina in the era of the Prophet 
Muhammad, (pbuh), and in the land of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, 
and the ones who came after them, especially during the golden 
period of Islam, we will find that it relied on the spoils which came 
directly from performing Jihad or from other sources other than 
Jihad like the jizya, land tax, etc. In this situation, the zakat and 
sadaqa was considered a secondary source to support the poor 
Muslims, but the primary source for Jihad and for the Islamic 
countries came from the Jihadi resource itself (i.e. the spoils) and 
from the lands which the mujahideen took over. 

- If we study the battles of the Prophet (pbuh) we will find the goals 
of most of them were to collect the resources. It suffices for us to 
look at the first of these battles, the Greater Badr, which Allah, 
Glory and Exalted is He, called it "The Day of Dividing." This battle 
was particularly for taking Quraish's resources in order to replace 
the emigrant Muslim's belongings (which the Quraish confiscated 
when the Muslims emigrated from Mecca to Medina). So the 
economic factor was very important in Jihad and this advantage of 
taking the spoils of war was especially for the Prophet (pbuh). It 
was one of the five special favors given to him (pbuh) which no 
other prophets received. Likewise, it has been given to his followers 
after him (pbuh). 

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, 

"I was sent with the sword until the people worship Allah 
without attributing partners with Him. My sustenance is 
given (by Allah to me) under the shade of my spear. The 
humiliation and disgrace is for the one who disobeys me. 
Whoever resembles a people is from them." (Ahmed) 

So his sustenance and the sustenance of his nation after him, is 
under the shade of his (pbuh) spear and under the shade of the 
spears after him. 

This is against the will of the defeated (Muslim) people whose 
philosophy is astray and away from middle path (which the Prophet 
(pbuh) was on). If they are surprised at this, they can look to 
America which built her economy and politics under the shade of 
her spear after the Muslims had become weak, like the foam 
floating on top of the flood waters! 

In another hadith narrated by Salamah bin Nufail al Kanadi (rah), 

"I was sitting with the Prophet (pbuh) and someone said, 
'Oh Messenger (pbuh) the people have neglected the horses, 
put away their weapons, and said that there is no more Jihad 
because the war is over.' The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) 
said, "They are liars. Only now has the fighting begun. There 
will always be in my nation some who will fight on the truth. 
Allah, Glory and Exalted is He, will confuse the hearts of 
nations and provide sustenance from them until the Final 
Hour and the Promise of Allah comes. Goodness is found on 
the forelock of horses until Judgment Day." 

In another hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), 

He said "If the people become stingy and refuse to spend the 
dinar and dirham, and deal in ayna (a sort of interest), and 
follow the tails of cattle, and leave Jihad in the path of Allah, 
then Allah will cover them in disgrace which will not be 
removed until they return to their religion." (Ahmed). 

There is a lot of evidence for fighting and taking spoils. 

The companions of the Prophet (pbuh) marched out to fight by 
these words. When they conquered countries and saw the fertility of 
the lands they started to till the lands and the valleys of Palestine. 
When the Caliph Umar ibn Al Khattab (rah) came to know about 
this, he sent some one to burn the harvest and someone to inform 
them that they were sent as soldiers and mujahideen, not as 

This was the way the money flowed to the mujahideen and to the 
Islamic nations after them. And it was the primary resource for 
Jihad which consisted of spoils, jizya, kharaj of the land, etc. So the 
cycle of resources is like a cycle of goodness that comes from many 
sources of Jihad. After this the treasury (Baitul Mai) became full of 
resources and the Islamic economical cycle was completed. 
However, if we study the cycle of resources in our current Jihad and 
its organizations, we will find that it is contrary to the historical 
financial theory. 

So the organizations' treasury is exhausted by expenses of fighting, 
training, caring for the families of the martyred, and families of the 
prisoners of war, the expenses of the activities of the mujahideen, 
and the media, etc. This is impossible and we are now in trouble 
and in a state of disorder, the very catastrophe I pointed out. So: 

The Method of Financing in the Global Islamic Resistance 

1. Contributions of the mujahideen members if they can to establish 
the detachments. 

2. Donations without conditions from the mujahideen who we know 
and trust in order to administer the Jihadi detachments. 

3. Spoils from the money of the disbelievers and apostates so that 
the mujahideen take their portion and the treasury of the 
detachment gets its portion as will be mentioned in the following 

First: The Money which is considered halal to take as spoils 
for the Mujahideen in the Path of Allah today. 

We mentioned some details before in the paragraph of legal Jihadi 
rulings in Section 3 which speaks about a complete education for 
the mujahideen. So here we will refer to this without giving details 
and say: 

This ruling depends on the overall legal reality in the Muslim 
countries which we referred to this in the second chapter "The Legal 
Ruling in the Reality of the Muslims", and that was that the current 
governments in Muslim countries today are illegal and failures. That 
is because the rulers are apostates and they belong to the 
disbelievers. Also because they rule with other than what Allah 
revealed and for many other secondary reasons which support this 
truth. So we have decided to: 

a. Make permissible to take the money of the apostate 
governments, the public possessions, and the possessions of 
the criminal leaders. 

b. Make permissible to take the money of all foreign 
disbelievers in the Muslim countries because there is no 
agreement between us and them due to the illegitimacy of 
the current government which has no right to make 
agreements with disbelievers or give them security. 

c. Make permissible to take the money of all non-Muslims 
who reside in the Muslim countries for the same previous 

d. Make permissible to take the money of apostates who 
announce to help the occupation forces and who support 
them against the Muslims. 

e. Make permissible to take the money of the disbelievers in 
countries that fight against the Muslims because there is a 
situation of war between us and them and because there is 
no agreement between them and the legal Islamic Emirates 
which would commit their people (i.e. Mujahideen and the 
Muslims with them) to uphold this agreement. 

This is in general, and details are in the former chapter that 
specializes in clarifying these points. And in order to avoid touching 
on some of the political advantages, I will mention some significant 
cautionary measures as follows: 

1. The strong prohibitions of spilling the blood of Muslims and 
taking their money, whether they are in the Muslim lands or the 
lands of the disbelievers, no matter what sins they are accused of 
committing, even if we have doubt about their beliefs, because 
doubts do not replace certainty. And certainty here is the shahadah 
- La ilaha ilia Allah wa anna Muhammad Rasulullah. So it is very 
important to take care not to violate the blood and money of the 
Muslims because it is forbidden to do this and both (Muslims' blood 
and money) are sacred. 

2. Anyone (i.e. member of the Islamic Emirate) who has an 
agreement between him and one of the disbelievers, this agreement 
is a trust and it should not be broken, whether it is in the Muslim 
lands or the disbelievers land. This is because Allah, Glory and 
Exalted is Me, said: "Oh you who believe, fulfill your 
agreements" (Sura al Maida, ayah 1) and Me (SWT) also said: 
"Fulfill your agreements, for verily the agreements will be 
asked about" (Sura al Isra, ayah 34) 

3. Trust and security for the Jihad Emirs and Muslim Emirs if they 
are present in the areas under the control of the Mujahideen and 
they must be respected and also the trust and security which they 
have given to the disbelievers must be respected. 

4. I will mention here the legal ruling for the permissibility of 
the blood and money of the disbelievers and apostates. 
However, there are conditions for applying this and 
performing operations for taking spoils. And a study must be 
done in order to evaluate the political advantages and 
disadvantages of attacking a particular goal in a particular 
place at a particular time. And if there is a clear harm that 
would come to Islam and the Muslims, then this would 
become haram (forbidden). Not because it is originally 
forbidden, but because of the consequences which lead to this 

harm. And the one who is ignorant about this ruling should not take 
any action without asking a scholar who knows the shariah very 
well, and whose deen and Jihadi understanding we trust. 

Sources of Spoils fqhanaim and fa'i) of the Resistant 
Detachments and the Methods for Dividing among the 

We will return to our research to say the main source of financing 
for the Global Islamic Resistance Detachments must be the private 
money of the Mujahideen after launching the war, or by 
unconditional donations received from the sincerely charitable 
people. And the following is considered to be spoils (ghanaim wa 

1. The money of the disbelievers who fight against Islam in their 
countries or in our countries. 

2. The money of the apostate governments that cooperate with the 
occupation forces; but, be careful. Protect the blood of the Muslim 
people who work in these establishments. 

3. The money of the people who are proven to be apostates and 
who have an alliance to the disbelievers. And it is clear that these 
apostates fight against the Muslims. So their money is permissible 
like their blood because they are apostates. 

Distribution of Spoils (gnaim wa fi) in the Global Islamic 
Resistance Detachments: 

I asked our Sheikh, Abdul Qadir, about this at the time of the 
Afghan Jihad and how to distribute the spoils among the 
mujahideen. And he said the following: 

a. the basic principle for the dividing the spoils which has been 
given to us by the Qur'an is that 20% of the spoils should be put in 
the Islamic treasury and 80% of the spoils should be divided among 
the Mujahideen group that captured them (i.e. the spoils). 

b. Make an agreement between the members of the Jihadi 
detachment before taking the spoils on how to divide them and 
execute the agreement justly, with the following conditions: 

The portion of the treasury will not be lower than 20%, and if they 
think that increasing this amount is necessary in order to fund an 

operation, then they must make the increase before launching the 
operation and not afterwards. 

c. If the detachments work under the administration of an 
organization which supports the general services of the weapons, 
ammunition, reconnaissance (fact-finding), media, etc. they should 
give a portion to every member in this organization by agreement 
also between the leadership of this organization and its branches. 

So the approved manner which we have to divide the spoils taken 
from the enemy by the resistance detachments is: 

1. The detachment establishes its private treasury and then 
deposits in it the contributions of its members, or whatever 
unconditional support for Jihadi operations it obtains from its close 
and trusted acquaintances. And also put into the treasury 1/5 (i.e. 
20%) of any spoils or what is equal to that in terms of money. 

2. The detachment members make an agreement among 
themselves about the financial rules such as: 

If they want to increase the treasury's portion in order to: support 
an armament capability, spend on another Jihadi activity, help 
another detachment, help the family of a Mujahid who was killed in 
the path of Allah, or anything else which they see to be in the 
interest of the Muslims. 

3. The members of the detachment make an agreement on the 
rules of dividing a portion for the rest of the members who are not 
directly involved in the operation of taking spoils, because they are 
considered supporters of the detachment and by this they 
complement each other, such as: 

They can agree to give to every member who executed the 
operation 3 shares and give 1 share to the one who did not directly 
participate in the operation. This should be done after giving a 1/5 
(or more) to the treasury. Whatever they agree upon must be 
executed with justice and kindness, and Allah is the One Who gives 

End of Section 7 

The following is the list of legitimate targets and areas of operation 
that Abu Mus'ab As Suri has identified for the Resistance 
Detachments. Unfortunately, due to our lack of time to translate it 

ourselves, this translation was taken from the book "Architect of 
Global Jihad" which is a so-called biography of Abu Mus'ab written 
by a Norwegian kafir named Brynjar Lia, "Expert on Terrorism". 

We do not recommend anyone to waste their time reading the first 
part of this book (from the introduction to page 354) because it 
seems to be filled with poison and half truths to sow the seeds of 
hatred and division among the Muslims and the Mujahideen (What 
do we expect from the kafirs?). 

However, his translation of chapter 8, section 4 'The Military Theory 
of the Global Islamic Resistance Call' (starting from page 355) 
appears to be accurate. In our opinion, it contains an abundance of 
vital information for our awakening Ummah; and this is the reason 
we chose to use his translation of the targets. We hope that Allah 
(SWT) will grant us the time and ability to translate for ourselves 
this section, and indeed the whole of the book, in the near future so 
that we can ensure that we are not deprived of any good that our 
brother Abu Mus'ab left for us. So here is the list of areas and 
targets (pg. 401 to pg. 427). We recommend that you read it and 
re-read it again: 

Main arenas of operation for Individual Terrorism Jihad: 

The Islamic Nation is vast and so are the arenas in which targets and interests of the 
invader enemy are present. It is furthermore impossible for all the youth who want to 
participate in the Resistance to travel to the arenas of [open] confrontation. It is even 
unlikely that such Fronts should emerge in the foreseeable future. Hence, our method 
should therefore be to guide the Muslim who wants to participate and resist, to 
operate where he is, or where he is able to be present in a natural way. We should 
advise him to pursue his everyday life in a natural way, and to pursue jihad and 
Resistance in secrecy and alone, or with a small cell of trustworthy people, who form, 
an independent unit for Resistance and for the individual jihad. 

Regarding the priority of arenas in which we must strike the enemy, the list of priority 
arenas is as follows: 

1 . Wherever you hurt the enemy the most and inflict upon him the heaviest losses. 

2. Wherever you arouse Muslims the most and awaken the spirit of jihad and 

Resistance in them. 

Thus, the list of arenas, arranged according to their importance, is as follows: 
1. The countries on the Arab Peninsula, the Levant, Egypt, and Iraq: 

This area contains the holy places, the oil, Israel, the countries encircling 

her, and the American military and economic presence, and it is the fundamental and 
final site for the victorious sect (al-ta'ifah al-mansurah) for all time to come. 

2. The countries of North Africa from Libya to Mauritania: 

There are Western interests in this region, especially those of the main European 
countries allied with America in the NATO. 

3. Turkey, Pakistan, and the countries of Central Asia: 

They contain the second largest oil reserves in the world, and America's strategic 
interests, military bases, and main economic investments. They have large and 
historical Islamic movements, which are regarded as being a strategic depth for the 
Arab jihadi and Resistance movements. 

4. The rest of the Islamic world: 

The Americans and their allies have interests and a presence in this region. The 
Islamic world as a whole contains the main backbone of the Resistance, which is the 
Islamic Nation's youth sympathizing with its causes and wishing to participate in the 
jihad and the Resistance. It is a backbone consisting of hundreds of millions of 

5. The American and Allied interests in third world countries: 

Especially in those countries participating in the Crusader campaign This due to their 
weak security capabilities, compared with the security regulations that the Western 
countries implement in their own countries. Jihad in these countries rests 
fundamentally on the shoulders of the Mujahidun who basically reside in those 
countries, and live a normal life there. This helps them in moving, hiding, gaining 
knowledge of the targets and dealing with them in an easy manner. 

6. In European countries allied with America and participating with her in the war: 

This is due to the presence of old and large Islamic communities in Europe. Their 
number exceeds 45 million, and there are communities of millions in Australia, 
Canada and South America as well. 

Especially in Europe, because of its closeness to the Arab and Islamic world, and the 
inter- twining of interests between them, and because of all the movement and 
transportation between the two. The Muslims in those countries are like Muslims 
everywhere, the religious duty of jihad, of repelling the enemy and resisting him, rests 
on their shoulders in exactly the same way as for Muslims in their own countries [i.e. 
Muslims residing in the Arab and Islamic world]. 

Action in Europe and those countries must be subjected to the rules of political 
benefits versus political harms, judged against the positions of the European 
governments. At the same time, one has to adopt a strategy of winning the support of 
the people, and avoiding harming them. I will present this in detail in the political 
theory of the Resistance, God willing. 

7. In the heart of America herself, by targeting her with effective strategic 
operations, as will be explained in the following paragraphs (God willing). 

She [America] is the viper's head, as shaykh Usama rightfully named her. And she is 
the origin of scourge and the head of the alliance. When defeated, this alliance will 
break up, and we will move to a new historical era, God willing. 

The most important enemy targets aimed at by the Individual Terrorism Jihad: 

The goal of the operations of the Resistance and the Individual Terrorism Jihad is to 
inflict as many human and material losses as possible upon the interests of America 
and her allies, and to make them feel that the Resistance has transformed into a 
phenomenon of popular uprising against them, because of their hostility that stretches 
from Central and South Asia, the Philippine Islands and Indonesia in the East, to the 
shores of the Atlantic in the West, and from the Caucasus, the countries of the 
Crimea, the Balkans and North Africa in the North, to India and Central Africa in the 
South, all along the Islamic world, in addition to places populated with Muslims. 

The arena of the Islamic countries is the basic arena for the Resistance, as we 
explained in the political theory, and we will clarify this in the paragraph 'The 
Strategy of the Resistance' at the end of this important chapter. 

The fundament for the operational activity is that the Mujahid, the member of the 
Resistance, practices individual jihad on his land, where he lives and resides, without 
the jihad costing him the hardship of traveling, migrating, and moving to where direct 
jihad is possible. The enemy today is one, and he is spread everywhere, praise God. 

If we wanted to mention the most important targets according to their importance, we 
say that they are: 

1 . In our countries (The Arab and Islamic world) 

2. In their countries (America and allied countries) 

3. In other countries in the world. 

First: The targets in the basic arena (countries in the Arab and Islamic World): 

1 . Centers of missionary activity and Christianization, the cultural envoys, and the 
institutions in charge of the American- Western civilizational and ideological invasion 
of Muslim countries, without violating the houses of worship and the facilities of the 
Christians originally residing in our country. 

2. All kinds of economic presence belonging to America or her Western allies: 
Companies, mines, experts, engineers, traders, representatives of foreign companies 
(except Muslims)... residences of the families of these colonialist thieves ... etc. 

3. All kinds of diplomatic presence of America and her allies, including embassies, 
consulates, diplomatic envoys... etc. 

4. All kinds of military presence of America and her allies... (Military bases - fleets — 
harbors — airports — transportation stations — military units. ..etc.) 

5. All kinds of security presence of the intelligence organizations of America and her 
Western allies, such as the offices of the CIA and FBI and their likes, overt or 
concealed under presumed covers. 

6 All kinds of Zionist or American delegations, responsible for normalization of 
relations with Israel, and who are invading our countries today through civilian, 
national, and governmental institutions: cultural, sports and arts [delegations]. . . and 
their likes. 

7. All kinds of tourism presence: tourist companies and delegations of foreign tourists, 
their offices, their airline companies and so on. They are the ambassadors of 
depravity, corruption, [sexual] immorality and decadence, in addition to that they are 
the disgraceful representation of the occupation that took control over our countries 
and transformed them into a backyard for amusement and recreation for the adulterers 
and rich people among them. 

8. The basic pillars of the apostate regimes cooperating with the aggressor campaigns. 

9 The basic pillars of the collaborator forces and the different kinds of normalization 
with the aggressor campaigns in various fields. 

In short... Targeting all kinds of material and human presence of the Americans and 
their allies in our countries is the basic arena for the Resistance. 

Important details: 

The economic dimension of the American occupation: 

The economic dimension of the coming American occupation of our countries is one 
of the most important dimensions of this occupation and of the Crusader and Jewish 
invasion, after the religious and civilizational dimensions, which is driven by their 
Zionistic and Crusader motives, and by their belief in their myths and the fables of 
their spurious religious books. 

The Muslim countries contain the principal oil lakes of the world; Saudi Arabia and 
the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council have the largest known reserves in the 
world, and Iraq has the largest unexplored reserve in the world, amounting to a 
minimum of 300 billion barrels. The Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea have 
the second largest known reserve in the world, and in Syria there are great reserves, 
which the modern colonization is keeping away from. In Sudan, and on the African 
continent there is a huge underground oil lake, and in Northern Africa, and especially 
in Algeria there is [one] like that too. Algeria's gas, which crosses over to Europe 
through Morocco and under the Gibraltar Straits, comprises about 65% of Europe's 
electricity consumption! ! ! 

The Arab and Islamic world has large and various mineral resources as well, in 
addition to the agricultural and animal resources, and sources of fresh water... etc. So 
the first goal of colonization is the plundering of those resources, as an assistant of 
Bush the Father, declared during the Kuwait war in 1 990, 'that they came to correct 
the Lord's mistake of creating oil in our countries'. God is Supreme and His Loftiness 
is far above what the offspring of monkeys and pigs say. 

The second goal of the American and Western colonization is to transform the 
countries of the Islamic world, where the total population comprises one fifth of the 
population on the Earth, into a market for selling products from the West, the 
industrial and technological Western [products] which suffer from a great stagnation 
and competition from sources in East Asia and China. Thus, it is possible to 
summarize the economic goals of the colonization and the American and Western 
invasion with two points: 

1 — Plundering resources 2 — Selling products 

These two goals must be a target for the Resistance and legitimate terrorism {al-irhab 
al-mashru'). We must hinder them from taking the resources. And we must prevent 
them from selling products. Not only through the jihad of the weak and crippled 
protagonists of peaceful boycott, and from the global verbal campaigns for repelling 
the aggression! — they are important [acts of] Resistance if combined with jihadi push 
{daf jihadi) — but through military resistance, an Individual Terrorism Jihad and 
operational activity of small Resistance Cells. 

The jurists of Islam agree that selling the enemy anything that makes him superior to 
the Muslims is forbidden in Islam, how is it then with regard to fuel for the tanks and 
planes during the Crusader campaigns?! 

So, the most important enemy targets in detail: 

First: The oil and sources of energy from the source until the drain: 

These are among the most important targets of the Resistance: 'Oil fields — oil 
pipelines — export harbors — sea navigation routes and oil tankers — import harbors in 
their countries — storage depositories in their countries'... 

It is said that this oil is the source of income for the Muslims in those oil-exporting 
countries... and this is not true. Truly, it is a source for the enemy's plundering from 
this artery pouring out energy, industry and money onto them... It is the life-artery of 
our enemies, the killers, invaders and Crusaders. It is the blood of their military 
machine which has inflicted death and humiliation upon us, day and night, since the 
beginning of the twentieth century and up until today... In reality, only a tiny amount 
of this wealth returns to our countries, and most of it fills the pockets of a handful of 
the apostate ruling princes with their sinful, adulterous and boisterous offspring and 
sycophants who dispose of the oil wealth at will. Nothing fails onto the rest of their 
people except crumbs. On top of this, the poor among other Muslim people of the 
Islamic Nation are deprived of their share, in spite of the fact that everyone has a legal 
right to this blessing of God. 

50% of the oil revenues go to foreign companies according to the colonialist 
contracts, and the remaining 50% is transformed into meaningless electronic numbers 
in the Jewish international banks! Their owners, the thieves among the shameless 
emirs, do not have the freedom or right to withdraw anything from them, except with 
the consent of the big thieves, their Jewish and Crusader masters. 

The oil has become a curse, after being a blessing. The Muslim rulers replaced God's 
blessing with infidelity, and led their people to ruin! ! 

True, a disruption of oil exports will deprive those traitor governments of their budget 
balance. This will, in turn, be reflected in sectors of limited economic development, 
which will take place in those countries... But what is the weight of this partial damage 
in those limited sectors, measured against the damage of this oil not reaching the 
Zionistic and Crusader enemy?! The case is clear...! ! 

In short, it is the life-artery of our enemies, it originates from our countries and we 
have to cut it off... 

When our resources have been passed into our hands and we own them, we will do 
true business with them, based on the rules of fairness and neighborliness. 

Second: Mines of mineral resources: 

Gold, copper, iron, aluminum, cobalt, phosphate., .etc. The list of our mineral 
resources is long, and it is also necessary to prevent them from reaching the enemy 
and preventing the enemy from investing in them. This can also be done by 
preventing the export of these resources, by shutting down the mines and cutting off 
the export routes and means. 

Third: The straits and the main sea passages: 

On the Earth there are five (5) important straits, four of them are in the countries of 
the Arabs and the Muslims. The fifth one is in America, and it is the Panama Canal. 
These straits are: 

1. The Strait of Hormuz, the oil gate in the Arab-Persian Gulf. 

2. The Suez Canal in Egypt. 

3 . The Bab el Mandib between Yemen and the African continent. 

4. The Gibraltar Strait in Morocco. 

Most of the Western world's economy, in terms of trade and oil, passes through these 
sea passages. Also passing through them are the military fleets, aircraft carriers and 
the deadly missiles hitting our women and children... It is necessary to shut these 
passages until the invader campaigns have left our countries. This can be done by 
targeting American ships and ships of its allies, on the one hand by blocking the 
passages with mines and sinking the ships in them, or by threatening the movement 
there by piracy, martyrdom operations, and by the power of weapons whenever 

The enemy, and the people of the enemy's countries, must know that they have ignited 
a wicked world war because of the sudden moods of their Crusader and Zionist- 
friendly rulers. And that they have to depart from our countries and terminate their 
intervention there and their support of treacherous rulers. And that they, if they are not 
reasonable and behave in a fair and humanistic way, must take their share of the death 
that they gave our people and children to taste, and to take their lot of the poverty, 
economic collapse and the hardships of life which they caused us. We must persuade 
them with the power of weapons, the results of the Resistance, and the losses afflicted 
upon them... that it is best for them if they leave us and our affairs, so that we can 
topple our criminal rulers, and from there establish our own legitimate governments, 
and deal with them according to the rules of friendly dialogue and fair and just 

It is necessary that we explain to our peoples, through communiques, media and 
propaganda, that they must pay the costs of war side by side with the Mujahidun. We 
have to make it clear that we are at war. The enemy has imposed this war on us. We 
must carry its temporary economic losses, so that we do not lose our essence, 
resources, religion and all ingredients of our existence. 

Striking strategic targets of the allies of the Jewish-Crusader campaigns in Arab 
and Islamic countries 

As explained in the second section, 'The Political Theory of the Resistance', the 
American campaigns in their offensive towards our countries, are generally dependent 
on enormous support they receive from the forces of apostasy and hypocrisy, as well 
as on a long and wide fifth column of Americanized people who welcome this 
invasion and tie their interests and efforts to it. 

This enormous team of allies to the apostates and hypocrites are of all sorts and kinds. 
Some of them agree, some of them are rivals, and some of them are at war... We will 
choose the most important and prominent joints in this front of supporting pillars of 
colonialism, in order of priority. We will explain the importance of targeting them and 
how to target them in a way that suits the general strategy of the Resistance, which is 
to let the main focal point (al-mihwar al-asasi) of the Resistance be the confrontation 
with the invading forces, America and her allies, and to restrict the focal points on the 
secondary fronts in our countries, to [include only] the important and principal ones 
according to the theory of building and tearing down. 

As we are obliged to build up the Resistance forces and to spread its Units, we are 
also obliged to tear down, destroy and remove the important bases of the opponent's 
forces in our midst, as long as it does not divert our attention from our main focal 
point for strategic attack, namely resisting the occupation and the foreign enemies. 

The most important military targets in resisting the forces of apostasy and hypocrisy 
in our countries are: 

1. The Arab and Islamic governments 

This should be done by targeting their kings, presidents, princes, important ministers 
and senior officials only, especially those upon whom the American invasion project 
is dependent, or those senior officials or men from the upper class who are 
indispensable to the security campaigns. 

This should not be transformed into a local revolution and a jihadi movement whose 
goal is jihad against the government and targeting its institutions and symbols, big and 
small, similar to what happened in previous jihadi revolutions in Egypt, Syria, Algeria 
and elsewhere, and which led to failure, as previously explained. It is required only to 
liquidate the senior apostate leaders who are allied with the American invader 
campaigns, and to attack them directly. 

2. The security forces and political and military forces directly collaborating with 
the occupation: 

As with the case of the Iraqi police, and the Kashmirian police... And the army, if it 
operates under their [the occupation's] command. [We must] target them with attacks 

before these organizations expand, and their presence enables the occupation to 
dispense with their own forces. This is only in the case of a direct and clear 

3. Security forces, and the regimes ' army and soldiers, who target the Mujahidun 
and the Islamists: 

We will only fight with them defensively, and not target them offensively. However, 
they must be targeted with an Islamic, national and emotional rhetoric in order to 
make them join in the Resistance, and to guide their soldiers and officers to a role in 
defending their religion, country and Islamic Nation. 

But in case they oppose the Mujahidun and intend to kill, arrest, and harm them, it is 
necessary to defy death while fighting them, and not surrender to them. The battle 
with them is a battle with the troops of apostasy and infidelity, without considering 
the infidelity of their leaders. (An explanation of this was given in the Theory of the 

It is necessary to spread among the Resistance's youth a culture of non-surrendering, 
of refusing captivity, and of defense until martyrdom, as far as possible. 

4. The advocates of colonization and its symbols: 

A new class of secularists and democratic dissidents has emerged in Arab and Islamic 
societies, who openly welcome the American project on every level; the military, 
political, ideological and cultural. [This class is made] of people like the well-known 
example, Doctor Sa'd al-Din Ibrahim. And these 'apostate and hypocrite role models' 
work openly today, taking advantage of the American cover under the pretext of civil 
society institutions and call for democracy, and they have even gained immunity 
against the Tyrants' agencies of oppression. They have expanded and have 
institutions, action programs and great finances which they openly receive from the 
Americans. These examples are among the most important military targets of the 
Global Islamic Resistance Units. [The Units] must seek to assassinate and liquidate 
their leaders, and blow up, burn and demolish their institutions, so that they join the 
mosques of harm {masajid al-darar)y which God the Almighty and His messenger 
ordered to burn and eliminate. 

5. The American and Zionist normalization projects: 

The American strategic attack today relies on the spread of projects of an ideological, 
cultural, programmatic or academic character in Arab and Islamic countries. Their 
goal is to spread the colonial culture on one hand, and [on the other hand] to bring up 
generations of Americanized youth on a local level, or to send them to America and 
some of the allied states to obtain diplomas, gather experiences and to become 
qualified for becoming the rulers and men of the coming American [-dominated] era 
of the 'Greater Middle East.' 

The American media are advertising these American-made gangs, holding them up as 
an example for imitation among religious or ethnic minorities, or among the financial, 
political and social elite in the Arab and Islamic societies. These projects are of the 
same kind as the 'Wadi Arabah Project' on the border between Israel and Jordan. 
These institutions and establishments are among the Resistance's primary targets to 
blow up, demolish and burn. Those educated by them, cooperating with them, and 

their main sponsors, are among the most important targets to liquidate and assassinate. 
They are apostates and hypocrites constituting the senior chiefs of Unfaith. They 
discredit God's religion, and betray the Muslims. 

6. Seniors among those who discredit God's religion, and representatives of media 
and colonialist thinking who are fighting the Mujahidun: 

This is a group that has started to expand greatly these days, and consists of literary 
men, poets, thinkers, writers or journalists... These are the ones who are launching the 
attack today on the doctrines of Islam and on those who defend them, publicly and in 
daylight without fear or shame. They have been arrogant towards God's religion and 
the Mujahidun's worship... They operate under the veil and cover of the International 
campaign against terror' as they call it, uncovering their hidden hatred for God's 
religion and its followers. The Islamic awakening, its men and institutions have been 
drawn into constant clashes with them through dialogues and on satellite channels, 
which is good. 

However, this contest takes place under the title of respecting the other, and 
acknowledging the opinion of the other, and this is futile. Because these people are 
not merely ignorant or dissidents, even though they hold discussions in a friendly 
manner. Most of them are Muslims of origin, but apostates in reality. Or, they arc not 
Muslims of origin, like the Christians and the atheist minorities in Muslim societies. 
They are not under protection {dhimmah), and if they were, it would be broken, 
because of the propagandist campaigns they launch on Islam and its people. 

The Qur'an has called these people, in clear words, the 'chiefs of Unfaith' (a'immat al- 
kufr) and has ordered to combat and assassinate them. So it is necessary to kill them, 
responding to what God the Almighty has commanded in His great Book: 'But if they 
violate their oaths after their covenant, and taunt you for your Faith,- fight ye the 
chiefs of Unfaith: for their oaths are nothing to them: that thus they may be 
restrained'. (Al-Tawbah:12). 

7. Advocates of dissoluteness, wickedness and depravity, and institutions spreading 
indecency among the believers. 

The American Jewish-Crusader invasions today are dependent on destroying the 
Muslims' religious, moral, cultural and ideological basis. Among the methods of 
doing this is the spreading of a culture of decay, depravity, adultery and immorality, 
and of unveiling, nakedness and mingling [of genders]... and different types of social 
corruption. Many mass media and propaganda outlets have opened up for this, and 
they have employed many thinkers, artists, literary men, and their likes. One of the 
[American Jewish-Crusaders'] greatest tools today is the satellite TV channels which 
are financed by the millionaires of debauchery and corruption, some of the well-off 
Gulf Arabs and Saudis and their likes, like the Prince of immorality, al-Walid bin 
Talal bin Abd al-Aziz and his satellite network Rotana and others... and now... 

Some of the respectable media, and some men from the Islamic awakening, are trying 
to resist this rotten torrent and sweeping epidemic of a culture of corruption, 
dissoluteness and depravity, through dialogue and [verbal] counter-attacks. They are 
trying to spread a culture of virtue and preserve the religious and moral identity of the 

Islamic Nation. This is good, but it is not enough. When bacteria, epidemics and 
locusts spread:... dialogue is not enough! 

Only insecticides, and medicines to kill bacteria [is enough], and this is self-evident 
for every rational person. It is therefore necessary, legally, logically and rationally, 
that these institutions and their most important men, advocates, and leaders become 
targets for explosions, destruction and assassinations. 

Among the ill-reputed examples are prince al-Walid bin Talal and his likes, the 
Rotana satellite channel... the programs 'Video Clip' and 'Star Academy' and other 
manifestations of the plague spreading through Lebanese satellite channels and other 
distributors of depravity and corruption... 

The hole in the garment has become wider [i.e. the phenomenon has spread], but this 
does not make it necessary to start a war with every small and big one of them, but 
[only] with the leaders. The leaders of arts and literature (adah)y but first and 
foremost, the financial leaders who finance the gates of Satan into the Islamic 
Nation's religion and morals. God the Almighty said, "Those who love (to see) 
scandal published broadcast among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this 
life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and ye know not. ' (Al-Nur: 19) 


Some of the people affiliated with the flock of Muslim clerics, or with the agitators 
and leaders of the Islamic awakening, are people who broke away [from the 
Mujahidun], either because they were craving for worldly gains and government 
positions, or because they were afraid of being oppressed and accused of terrorism 
and violence. They started to hum the sound of 'moderate Islam', respect for the other 
and 'the middle course' (al-wasatiyyah)... presenting a perverted and adjusted Islam in 
order to fit American standards. Some of them went so far that they attacked the duty 
of jihad and the principle of Resistance. They have started to fight against the 
Mujahidun [striving] in the cause of God, and have launched a merciless attack on the 
Resistance fighters, their leaders and their Mujahidun, the soldiers of God. They issue 
fatwas judging them as the doers of mischief (mufsidun) on Earth. They give fatwas 
to the rulers and the colonialist authorities saying that [the Mujahidun] are kharijites' 
and doers of mischief (mufsidun), and that it is lawful to kill, imprison and torture 
them. The matter has even reached a point where they misinterpret God's word and 
say that these elite of the Mujahidun are not martyrs, and will not enter Paradise! !... 
They even started to call on common Muslims to cooperate with the security agencies 
of the apostate rulers and the colonialist authorities in order to reveal the secrets of the 
Mujahidun and inform on them under the pretext of cooperation against terrorism or 
protecting Muslims' interests. 

Here, I will point to a very important matter... 

In spite of the fact that many of them have carried this out under the command of the 
apostates and the hypocrites fighting against the faithful, with their loyalty to the 
Tyrant and the infidel invaders... and that it is deemed lawful under Islamic law to 
shed the blood of many of them, because of their apostasy, treachery and war against 
God and His Messenger and the faithful. . . 


It is still among the strategic principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call to use 
arguments, explanations and legal and political evidence, and logical realism, not 
weapons and swords to confront this heretic group of propagandists for Satan and the 
Sultan's clerics, who call people to the ports of Hell, and throw in [Hell] whoever 
responds to them. 

Although many of them deserve it, this could have prevented great mischiefs which 
are well-known, such as placing the sword among the Muslims [i.e. sow discord 
among Muslims], their followers' fanatical support for them, their fight against the 
Mujahidun, and their turning against the Resistance to join the enemy camp... and 80 
on until the last of their great mischiefs 

The confrontation with these, as we have repeated and emphasized, [must be] with 
sound arguments and explanations, from the people of knowledge, people of the pen 
and people of letters. And not with weapons... 

The weapons should be aimed offensively at the chests of the invaders and their most 
important collaborators among the senior apostates and traitors as we explained. 
And defensively against the soldiers of the Tyrants whom the Mujahidun intend to 
combat. This is a strategic principle of immense importance in the Global Islamic 
Resistance Call's political and military theories. 


When it comes to striking America or any of her allies on their own territory, and 
targeting a state or leaving another, or targeting it, and then ceasing to target it, or 
turning away from it and then targeting it a second time... This is not the place to 
research this, rather, [the place is] in the first and second sections, which were 
devoted to the legal and ideological dimension, and also to the political dimension, of 
the principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call. Here, however, we study the 
matter from a military perspective, in a situation where it actually is in the political 
interest [of the Resistance] to target a state. Whenever the targeting of any state is 
legitimate according to Islamic law, and in the political interest of the Resistance, then 
the most important targets are as follows: 

The most important targets in America and in Western countries allied to her 

1. Main political figures who lead the campaign against the Muslims: heads of states, 
ministers, and military and security leaders. 

2. Large strategic economic targets, such as: The stock exchange — power and oil 
installations — airports — harbors — railroad systems, bridges and highway 
intersections — tunnels on the highways — metro systems — tourist targets... and so on, 
[targeting] resources and sources for the economy. 

3. Military bases and barracks where the armies are concentrated, especially the 
American military bases in Europe. 

4. Media personalities and media centers that are leading the war against the Muslims 
and justifying the attacks on them, coming from the Zionist and Zionist friendly 
Crusader media institutions. 

5. Centralized information and computer centers that are in control of connecting the 
different institutions within the state, because this will completely paralyze the 
activity within that state. 

6. Places where Jews are gathered, their leading personalities and institutions in 
Europe, avoiding places of worship and synagogues. 

7. Official offices of the governmental institutions of those countries that are waging 
war, both on the state level and on the level of unions and political and military 
alliances, in the case where they participate in the aggression. Such as the offices of 
the NATO and the European Union..., this requires decisions that have been studied 
carefully from a political perspective. 

8. Buildings of the security services and the central intelligence in the capitals of 
America and allied Western states. 

9. Striking civilians in general, to deter them or for retaliation (avoiding women and 
children, when separated from men in places especially designed for them, like 
schools and the similar...). 

This for example... is when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and 
her allied forces. The type of attack, which repels states and topples governments, is 
mass slaughter of the population. This is done by targeting human crowds in order to 
inflict maximum human losses. This is very easy since there are numerous such 
targets, such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large intenational 
exhibitions, crowded market-places, sky-scrapers, crowded buildings... etc. 

Here, it is necessary to remind you of the comments we made about targeting civilians 
in the second section on the political theory, and also of the general legal rules 
presented in the third section, in the paragraph about the jihadi Islamic laws... In the 
case [where such an attack is legal and beneficial], there are a large number of easy 

It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America 
and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in the jihad and 
the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to the Mujahidun. This can be done 
as part of popular resistance action... such as destroying economic targets and burning 
forests during hot periods in the summer... and also as part of civilian resistance 
action. Here, we must turn our attention to the difference in the confrontation with 
America and with Europe, as I mentioned above when dealing with the political 
theory. The confrontation with America is fundamental, while the confrontation with 
Europe is secondary, [aimed at] making her leave the alliance by putting pressure on 


1 . American and Western economic targets in various countries of the world, because 
they are numerous and easy to target. 

2. Diplomatic targets, such as embassies, consulates and envoys. 

3. Economic interests of Am erica and the allies in those countries. 

4. Athletic, trade and tourist delegations and envoysfrom America and its Western 

5. Military bases and military missions — Army — Navy — Air Force. 

This is a wide area with many opportunities for participation, but one must pay 
attention to the rules of Islamic law, political benefits and security complexities. We 
will return to the details later, God willing. 

A final remark, related to the issue of targeting goals in the heart of the hostile 
countries, America and the Western allies, is that one should avoid targeting places of 
worship for any religion or faith, regardless whether they are Christian, Jewish, or 
other. One should also avoid harming civilians who are citizens of countries that have 
no relation with the conflict, even if they are non-Muslim. This must be done in order 
to maintain the reputation of the Resistance in the different spheres of public opinion. 


The theory of terrorism is based on deterring the enemy with fear, as God the 
Almighty said, 

Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds 
of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and 
others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye 
shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated 
unjustly'. (Al-Anfal 8:60). And God the Almighty said, If ye gain the mastery over 
them in war, disperse, with them, those who follow them, that they may remember'. 
(Al-Anfal 8:57) 

The Resistance is basically at war with the invader campaigns, and it must deal with 
them by using the methods of terrorism and confrontation, as explained. However, 
there are essential enemy parties and there are secondary enemy parties. The latter 
ones enter the frontline of this confrontation from time to time, either out of fear for 
America and her allies, or craving for what she [i.e. America] will give them in return. 
The Resistance must not neglect the importance of deterring these parties. It must also 
confirm that its arms are long and able to reach everyone who allows himself to be 
seduced into joining the aggression against the Muslims and the Islamic Resistance 
fighters, or to support their invader enemies. 

Generally, most of our enemies, the supporters of the American invasion, and 
especially the apostates, the agents, the hypocrites, the corrupted, and those bragging 
about their so-called culture and development... are a group of cowardly rats, starting 
from the biggest of their kings, presidents and princes, and to the smallest of their 
writers, their media figures and their sycophants with all their fantasies... Most of 
them will be deterred if one sets an example by striking or severely punishing a few of 

them. Then, most of them will withdraw from the confrontation. The basic idea is that 
every state, even the ones not allied with America... that arrests a Mujahid, a 
Resistance fighter, an agitator, or a cleric, and turns him over to America or to his 
own government, where he is killed, subjected to imprisonment or torture... should 
immediately receive a deterrence operation carried out by any Muslim or Resistance 
unit able to perform this religious duty. It is a duty to support the Muslims and to 
deter those who inflict harm upon them, especially those who capture them and turn 
them over to their enemies... 

The basic idea is that any operation which kills civilians or harms faithtul Muslims, or 
any action performed by troops of the country at war... should be met with an equally 
deterring action, as God the Almighty has said, 'If then any one transgresses the 
prohibition against you. Transgress ye likewise against him' (AI-Baqara 2:194). 

The basic idea is that every country which enters into alliance with the Americans 
with any kind of military, political or security support... will receive a deterring strike 
immediately... to break the joints of this criminal alliance, and so on... 

However, what has taken place up until now is the opposite... 

The Muslims, the Mujahidun, and the Resistance fighters accused of terrorism... they 
are in reality the ones who have been most terrorized... for several decades. They are 
terrorized by their rulers, by their security agencies, by America and her persecutions, 
by spies... and by all those who assist in this wicked chain. 

All of these true terrorists, starting from America going down the chain of her allies 
and hypocrites, were able to turn the picture upside down both politically and media- 
wise. They have been able to portray us to the public opinion as the phenomenon of 
repugnant terrorism. This is their real field of success... 

The only solution to this must be to increase the efforts of the Call, media, and 
propaganda, as well as political activities based on knowledge, understanding and 
awareness of what is going on in the world today. In addition to real military 

Throughout history, 'armed terrorism' has proven its usefulness, as the best political 
method to persuade an opponent to surrender to one's will. 

I draw these lines just a few days after a deterrence operation was carried out by a 
fighting Mujahidun unit in Spain on March 1 1 2004. They carried out a series of 
explosions, which killed some 200 and injured 1700, according to Spanish statistics. 
The main results were as follows: 

1 . It changed public opinion in Spain. Statistics showed that three days before the 
parliamentary and governmental elections, support was in favor of the right-wing 
party and its leader Aznar, an ally of Bush, who sent about 2,000 Spanish troops to 
Iraq. It changed immediately in favor of the Socialist Party who opposed this alliance. 
The Socialist Party is headed by Zapatero, who promised to withdraw Spanish forces 
[from Iraq] if his party came to power. This led to his victory in the elections, Thus, 
the operation toppled the government. America lost a major ally by a single operation 

alone, at the cost of a small group of martyrs and captives, may God bless and accept 

2. The new Prime Minister declared the withdrawal of Spanish forces from Iraq, They 
pulled out quickly shortly afterwards, followed by the troops from Honduras. Thus, a 
single deterrent operation led to the withdrawal of an army and an entire state from 
the war. 

3. The entire European-American alliance was shaken, and a number of countries 
started to make statements that they were considering a withdrawal ... and this was the 
first real deterrence operation since these evil campaigns started against the Muslims 
more than fourteen years ago. 

I deal with this operation as a case study of the political impact of military deterrence. 
However, there are some important observations and political considerations 
regarding such operations, which one must comply with before the decision is made. 
This includes careful politico-juridical considerations ... taking into consideration the 
benefits and drawbacks, the political power balances, and the welfare of the Muslims. 

Unfortunately... since the outset of these evil campaigns in 1990 and up until now: 

- In the first Iraqi War more than 300,000 people were killed, and during the 
blockade, more than one and a half million children died in the course of 13 years. 

- In the last war to topple Saddam, around 10,000 civilians were killed, and tens of 
thousands are in prison today. God has disclosed America's deeds in those prisons. 

- Thousands have been killed in Palestine, and the Israeli sword is still swinging... 

- More than 200,000 Muslims were killed in Bosnia, and more than 60,000 cases of 
rape against Muslim women were registered there, which led to thousands of 
illegitimate births caused by rape. Their mothers threw them away so that they could 
gaze at the church vaults and be converted to Christianity! ! 

- In Chechnya, more than 300,000 Muslims were killed. Honors were violated, houses 
were destroyed, thousands of people were imprisoned, and hundreds of thousands 
were driven away. 

- In Afghanistan, tens of thousands were killed in the civil war, which was sparked by 
America and administered by Pakistan. Then, more than ten thousand were killed 
during the latest attack in December 2001, and America has filled Guantanamo with 
hundreds of innocent captives! 

- Thousands were killed in Indonesia. The Christians buried some of them alive, 
burned them, and photographed them while they were eating their flesh. 

- There are many other [cases] as well, on the African continent, in Central Africa, in 
the Philippines, in Thailand and Kashmir... 

- The number of prisoners among Muslim jihadis and Islamists who are held without 
charge or trial in all the Arab and Islamic countries has reached the tens of thousands. 
Clerics have been imprisoned, and agitators abducted... symbols killed... mosques 
and Islamic centers in Europe and America have been burnt down... Muslim 
immigrants in the Islamic diasporas have been unjustly and wrongfully assassinated ... 

So where is the deterrence by these so-called Muslim terrorists?!... The truth is that 
real terrorism, in the correct understanding of the word, has an embarrassingly low 
share on our part... ! We are at the very bottom of the list, we are the most terrorized 
of al people, below all sorts of infidels, apostates and tyrants. 

Then came the September 1 1 events, in order to repel the Zionist friendly West and 
the Americans, collecting a small amount of the enormous bill that they owe. The 
world rose, and has not lain down yet! ! 

The self-proclaimed philosophers will babble to us talking about the blood of the 
sinless, those who were promised protection, the civilians and the Muslims disloyal to 
the hypocrite clerics... until the last claim by evil jurists... 

The reality is that the jihadi Resistance... only targets those who deserve to be 
deterred by terrorism, only those who should be liquidated, and only those who 
deserve punishment according to divine decrees and legal regulations on Earth. [The 
Resistance] even avoids many of those deserving this deterrence, in order to avoid 
negative effects [for Muslims] and promote their welfare. 

The laws regarding human targets have already been discussed in detail in the passage 
on Islamic laws in the third section... it can be seen there. 

Let me add: 

It is not possible for a few jihadi organizations, or for tens or hundreds ofMujahidun 
here and there, to deter this fierce international attack... It is absolutely necessary 
that the Resistance transforms into a strategic phenomenon... after the pattern of the 
Palestinian intifada against the occupation forces, the settlers and their 
collaborators... but on a broader scale, originally comprising the entire Islamic 
world. Its arms of deterrence should reach into the homes of the American invaders 
and their allies of 
infidels from every nationality and in every place. 

The Islamic Nation must start moving.. .with all its segments, towards Resistance and 
deterrence. In the next passage, we will explain the operational mechanism of the 
Resistance from a military and organizational perspective, in order to realize such 
deterrence with God's permission.